1 Key Percy Jackson Detail Is Huge Evidence Disney’s Show Will Succeed

In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians teaser trailer, Percy’s voice is heard as he narrates lines from the book’s first page; that important detail is evidence the show will be a success. The 2010 Percy Jackson film was a famously terrible adaptation; however, the new Percy Jackson show has an advantage– Rick Riordan as the show’s main writer. If Riordan’s involvement was not already an obvious advantage, it was made abundantly clear when Walker Scobell’s narration as Percy in the teaser trailer was heard.

Not all book adaptations include the character’s internal monologue because it can be challenging to adapt to the screen. However, it’s clear keeping the narration was necessary with Riordan in the writer’s room. Percy’s personality is a large part of what kept readers of the books engaged, and it’s easy to lose that when one no longer know what is going on in a character’s mind. Clearly, Riordan does not plan on repeating the same issues of the Percy Jackson movies. That begins with an adaptation where his characters are brought to life using all the story-telling tools at his disposal, like narration.

The story will have the time needed to tell it properly in a television format. The actors are all age appropriate and were given the stamp of approval by the man who created the characters. Not to mention, the show’s budget is allegedly comparable to The Mandalorian and WandaVision. Percy Jackson and The Olympians seemingly have everything it needs to be a success, but what’s left is the script. The way the story will be told and executed is one of the most significant aspects, and keeping Percy as the narrator is the best way to do it because it allows the audience to understand the character better, and it’s easier to remain faithful to the original text.

According to Scobell, the Percy Jackson TV show will explore Percy’s rage. « In the other iterations of it, he was kind of calm the whole time. But in this one, mine, he really has, I guess… how do I put it… Poseidon’s fury, I guess? He gets pretty angry, and I like that a lot, » said Scobell in a 2022 interview. In the books, it’s obvious Percy is emotional, and that’s why he’s a likable and relatable character. However, it’s not always clear why he makes the decisions he does based on his actions. Fans like Scobell know Percy has a temper because they are inside his mind when reading the book. For that reason, it’s best to keep the character narration throughout the show’s run. Thankfully, based on the teaser trailer, it looks as if the show will.

With every exciting update about the new Percy Jackson show, it’s evident the adaptation is in good hands. Nevertheless, hearing Walker Scobell as Percy for the first time was a good sign. Allowing the audience the opportunity to understand Percy’s personality by hearing what goes through his head isn’t the only perk to his narration. Percy is not just temperamental; he’s funny as well. The books are littered with jokes and sarcastic comebacks that Percy doesn’t always say out loud, and losing them would feel like doing the character an injustice. Overall, leaving Percy’s snide comments in Percy Jackson and The Olympians will make for a deeper understanding of the character.

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