Ahsoka Actor Reacts To Star Wars Show Being #2 Most In-Demand New Series

Ahsoka voice actor Ashley Eckstein has taken to social media to express her gratitude following the success of Tales of the Jedi. Despite Rosario Dawson starring as the live-action version of the fan-favorite character, Eckstein has remained the voice for Ahsoka throughout the character’s animated appearances – and Tales of the Jedi is no different. The series, which consists of six shorts, follows the lives of both Ahsoka and Count Dooku throughout their time as Jedi and beyond, helping to fill critical gaps left in the Star Wars timeline.

Tales of the Jedi has proven a hit with fans and critics alike, and Eckstein has reacted to the news that the series ranks as the #2 most in-demand new show by Parrot Analytics. Highlighting the series’ impressive debut on Disney+, the Ahsoka actor gave her gratitude to the legion of Star Wars fans who have watched the series, also taking the time to thank the rest of the show’s cast and crew. Eckstein also used her platform to highlight that animated shows are often overlooked, further adding to Tales of the Jedi’s incredible reception. Check out the post below:

Despite Tales of the Jedi’s success, the series is the shortest animated Star Wars adventure to date, with each of its six episodes clocking in at less than 20 minutes each. While certainly disappointing on the surface, it does give the series much more scope to return, making a season 2 all the more likely. It barely scratched the surface of what a series focused on specific Jedi could cover, and choosing to focus on relatively well-established characters like Ahsoka and Dooku from the off leaves any possible future episodes free to focus on other, less developed characters. That said, the series did make a valiant effort in building lore around some of Star Wars’ less prominent players, especially with Tales of the Jedi finally explaining what happened to Yaddle. While there’s no confirmation of a season 2, with Dave Filoni now overseeing much of Star Wars’ small-screen ventures – and the success of Filoni’s other shows like The Clone Wars – it seems only a matter of time before Tales of the Jedi returns.

If, however, this is all there is of Tales of the Jedi, it could well be the last time Eckstein gets to voice Ahsoka for the foreseeable future. The character’s next confirmed appearance will be in live-action form, with Ahsoka’s own Disney+ series currently set to air sometime in 2023 – unless, of course, the former Jedi makes an appearance in The Mandalorian season 3 first. While Dawson’s portrayal of Ahsoka has been universally well-received, as the original voice of the ultra-popular character, Eckstein’s genuine thanks will serve to remind fans of why they grew to love her version of Ahsoka in the first place.

Although Tales of the Jedi’s chapter has closed, at least for now, the Star Wars universe continues to thrive elsewhere. With both a second outing of Visions and The Clone Wars follow-up, The Bad Batch season 2, around the corner (as well a surprise Studio Ghibli collaboration dropping this week) animated Star Wars endeavors are going from strength to strength. With Eckstein celebrating the series alongside Star Wars fans across the world, it seems like only a matter of time before Tales of the Jedi gets renewed.