Alexandra Daddario Knows Exactly What Happens To Rachel After The White Lotus

With the premiere of The White Lotus Season 2 just around the bend, fans of Mike White’s original series are going back and happily binging the original. Revisiting all of the Hawaiian drama, mayhem, social commentary, and, of course, that controversial ending is more than worth it before we see the show head to Italy.

Speaking of that controversial ending, which saw a frustrating conclusion to Belinda’s story among others, Alexandra Daddario’s Rachel Patton didn’t quite end up where audiences expected… or even hoped.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the announcement of her White Lotus Emmy nomination, Alexandra addressed what happened to Rachel at the end. As well as what Rachel would likely do following the series’ conclusion.

How Alexandra Daddario Was Cast As Rachel In The White Lotus

There are some truly memorable casting stories in the history of Hollywood; including how Alexandra’s White Lotus co-star, Jennifer Coolidge, landed a role in Ryan Murphy’s latest show. But this may not have been the case for Alexandra.

In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alexandra Daddario explained that a simple audition landed her the coveted role of Rachel Patton in The White Lotus.

« It was just an audition, » Alexandra admitted. « I was still in a place in my career where yes, I had some choice about what I auditioned for, but also I felt a little stuck and wasn’t sure which direction I was going in. »

« When that was sent through, we all thought [it] would be a great thing for me to audition for, » she continued to say in her interview. « I sent a tape in and then I auditioned for [creator] Mike [White], and then I went to do it, and I think because it was the pandemic, I wasn’t thinking as much about a career. Like before, I was thinking so much about [it]. It was a very intense couple of years for me at least, and then the pandemic, and I was just grateful to go to Hawaii and work with all these cool people. I just felt very lucky to be working. »

What Alexandra Daddario Really Thinks Of Rachel In The White Lotus

Rachel Patton puts up with a lot in The White Lotus. When we meet her, she has just entered into a marriage with Shane, and she’s deeply unsure about it. Not to mention her career, which hasn’t exactly panned out the way she had hoped.

« This character was so interesting on the page to me, » Alexandra Daddario said to The Hollywood Reporter.

« I really felt for her, and I always approach things from a place that all of us are [in]. It’s all relative, right? We’re all going through our pains, and our things are the worst things to us, so that’s how I approached this character when I dove into looking at her from a sympathetic point of view. Because I did feel she was a sympathetic character — I didn’t feel she was a villain. »

What Happens To Rachel In The White Lotus?

By the end of the first season, Rachel has decided to stay in her marriage with Shane. This is despite all of the conflicts they’ve gone through and her admitting to him that she’s deeply unhappy.

In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alexandra addressed one of Rachel’s final lines – « I promise I’ll be happy »

« I think that’s such a sad line. I’ve actually said that or some version of that to a boyfriend before, » Alexandra admitted.

« [Rachel’s] now married., » Alexandra continued. « She has money. She’s in this resort and Shane’s like, ‘What’s the problem here? You’re causing all this.’ Just by being vulnerable and trying to express how she’s feeling, she feels like she’s in trouble. So, ‘I promise I’ll be happy.’ She’s not really going to be happy. She’s going to pretend, and that’s so sad. »

What Happens To Rachel After The White Lotus?

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter in Rachel and Jake’s relationship lasts much longer, Alexandra admitted that it likely would’ve continued… but only up until a point.

« I do think she’s going to leave him. I like to think that because I had this whole idea for the character, and borrowing some stuff from myself, that she’s still on her journey, even though she’s in her 30s, which usually they say in your 30s, you’ve sort of figured it out, » Alexandra explained.

« I think that she’s still on her journey of finding herself and is too scared to be on her own, » Alexandra continued. « I always thought she’s a wonderful person who just needs to grow and that’s how I approached it. »