American Horror Story: NYC episode 3: Is Big Daddy a ghost?

On Wednesday night FX is going to bring you American Horror Story: NYC episode 3, and of course with that comes some questions.

From our vantage point, the bulk of these fascinating questions are tied to Big Daddy, who has been depicted as the potential serial killer at the heart of the mystery. Yet, the stories about him differ depending on who you talk to. Some feel that the character is out there and dangerous; meanwhile, some others argue that he’s actually been dead for years. We’ve actually seen the character (pictured above) on occasion already.

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Now, is it possible that we’re seeing Big Daddy, even though the character is dead? One of the most fascinating theories out there is one suggesting that this character is actually a ghost, and the appearances that we’ve seen from him so far have actually just been in spectral form. He could be a manifestation of fear, of the chaos that is happening to the gay community within New York City in the 1980s. Meanwhile, he could also just be a representation of death, of the epidemic that is quietly moving and is getting worse and worse over time.

It is curious that several characters within the premiere don’t directly interact with Big Daddy, almost as though they’ve seen him before or they’re comfortable. Of course, the scene with the character and Sam could lead to some arguments that there’s a Fight Club-esque twist going on between Zachary Quinto’s character and Big Daddy.

We do tend to think so, but we don’t think we’ll be getting it immediately. We’d be surprised if everything is revealed by the end of episode 4.

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