Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs: Star Wars References In Luthen’s Shop & More

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 4.Andor episode 4 fleshed out the character of Luthen, revealing he runs a prestigious antiques shop on Coruscant – and his gallery is full of Easter eggs. The first three episodes of Andor were remarkably short on Easter eggs, but episode 4 certainly changes that. This time round, there’s an abundance of Star Wars Easter eggs and references, many of which involve Stellan Skarsgård’s mysterious Rebel leader, Luthen. He’s actually an antiques dealer on Coruscant, using his position there as a cover to interact with fellow leaders in the nascent Rebel Alliance.

Luthen’s establishment is clearly a prestigious one given the nature of his clientele, but it’s actually quite surprising to see major antiques shop flourish on Coruscant during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. The Empire went to great lengths to erase all records of the past, particularly anything to do with the Force; they were so successful in erasing traces of the Jedi that Luke Skywalker hadn’t even heard of the Order until he met Obi-Wan Kenobi. Still, it was no doubt harder to wipe out all evidence of the Jedi on Coruscant, site of the Jedi Temple, where many senators had interacted with Jedi in the past. Meanwhile, according to the Star Wars: Force & Destiny sourcebook « Unlimited Power, » other Force sects flourished during the Dark Times without the Jedi’s dominance. No doubt many senators would have been fascinated in these cults, and it’s no coincidence that Luthen seems to be fascinated with the Force.

All this means Andor episode 4 is absolutely packed with Easter eggs – some in Luthen’s gallery, others dropped in during key conversations. Where Andor episodes 1-3 stood apart from Star Wars, even set in the Corporate Zone – a sector of space where the Empire allowed a degree of independence. In contrast, Andor episode 4 dives deep into the lore, but it does so in a remarkably subtle and organic manner. Here are the major Easter eggs in Andor episode 4.

« The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more systems will slip through your fingers, » Princess Leia warned in the first Star Wars film. The seeds of rebellion were sown on countless worlds, the result of Imperial brutality and oppression, and the Rebel Alliance simply brought the different movements together. This process is still in its infancy in Andor, as demonstrated when Cassian Andor tries to find out who Luthen is working for. « Alliance, Sep, guerilla, Partisan Front, » he suggests, referencing both the Alliance and the remaining Separatist movements common in the Corporate Zone. The last is a nod to Saw Gerrera and his Partisans, a brutal movement willing to go to extreme lengths and not caring about collateral damage. Forest Whitaker played Saw Gerrera in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and will be reprising the role later in Andor. Saw is named later in Andor episode 4.

Apparently Cassian Andor served on the planet Mimban – albeit as a cook, who ran. Mimban is an important planet in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, where the swampworld appeared in Alan Dean Foster’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye – the first official tie-in novel, published before the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Mimban was brought back into canon in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which revealed Han Solo deserted the Imperial infantry program at Mimban.

Andor episode 4 introduces the Imperial Security Bureau, responsible for enforcing the security of the Empire. The conversation includes a notable Andor Easter egg discussing a conflict on the planet Arvala-Six; while this world has never been seen before, Arvala-Seven is a little more familiar to viewers. It’s the planet where Din Djarin found Grogu in The Mandalorian season 1. The meeting also discusses the spice trade around Ryloth, the homeworld of the well-known Star Wars race called the Twi’leks.

The ISB meeting pivots to a discussion of shipments being sent to the Abrion sector, an important region of the Outer Rim. There’s some disruption because of a major Imperial project on the planet Scarif; this became a major center for top-secret research, and was raided by the Rebel Alliance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This ultimately led to Scarif’s destruction, when Grand Moff Tarkin chose to fire the Death Star upon it rather than risk further secrets escaping.

Luthen gives Cassian Andor a « down-payment » on his services, a « Kuati signet » made of blue kyber, which he describes as a sky stone from the ancient world. According to Luthen, it « celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders. » This references the Rakata from the classic Knights of the Old Republic series, a Force-sensitive race who invaded the galaxy and were only stopped when they encountered the early Jedi (or Je’daii) on the planet Tython. It’s interesting that the signet comes from Kuat, confirming the Rakatan invasion extended into the Core region in canon. Kuat is an important Imperial shipyard.

Andor episode 4 features a prominent display of Sith armor from the old Expanded Universe. This « Sith Stalker » armor was traditionally grafted on to the wearer’s flesh and bone, and it was worn by some of the most accomplished Sith assassins. The design of the Sith Stalker armor in Luthen’s shop largely corresponds with the one worn by Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Galen Marek, in the classic (but non-canon) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game.

Luthen shows Mon Mothma what he described as an « Utapaun monk cudgel. » The planet Utapau is inhabited by three different races – the Pau’ans, the Utai, and tribes of Amani – so it’s difficult to say which race this is connected to. Darth Vader’s Grand Inquisitor was a Pau’an, perhaps indicating Luthen is looking into the Jedi-hunting Inquisitors.

Jedi Master Plo Koon was one of the most distinctive prequel Jedi; like all his fellow Kel Dor, he wore a specialized breath mask covering his eyes and nostrils. Surprisingly, Luthen has one such breathing mask on display. Given this is an antiques shop, it’s likely this particular mask is one of historical note – perhaps even the one worn by Plo Koon himself. Luthen does seem particularly interested in the history of Jedi and the Sith, after all.

Luthen’s shop contains murals identical to those seen on a Jedi temple on Lothal, one situated on a vergence that could be used to access the World Between Worlds. Coveted by Palpatine, the World Between Worlds is essentially another plane of existence, one that transcends time and space and can be accessed only through the Force. It is only possible to access the World Between Worlds through certain vergences, but once there, a Force-user can reshape reality with literally a wish. Andor is set before the destruction of the temple on Lothal, meaning these murals must originate from another vergence.

Luthen takes Mon Mothma into the back room of his antiques shop, and it’s immediately clear it contains items he would not want to be on display. One shelf contains both a Jedi and a Sith holocron; the former is a distinctive cube shape, while the latter is pyramidal. These are ancient repositories of knowledge, and can only be opened by use of the Force. It’s fascinating to see a Jedi and Sith holocron stored side by side; according to Star Wars Rebels, a combination of the light and dark sides of the Force can be used to open them together, unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Star Wars’ Mon Mothma returns home to learn she has a busy evening – a dinner with the governor of Hanna, arranged by her husband. Hanna is the capital city of Mon Mothma’s homeworld, Chandrila, who she represents in the Imperial Senate. Guests include two prominent allies of Emperor Palpatine, Sly Moore and Ars Dangor. Mon Mothma is far from impressed, still angry over recent Imperial actions on the planet Ghorman. Little is known of this atrocity, which was first mentioned in Star Wars Rebels – another deep cut into Star Wars lore, proving just how well-connected Andor really is with the wider franchise.

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New episodes of Andor release on Wednesdays on Disney+.