Andor Episode 4 Reveals A Major Han Solo Connection

Warning: Spoilers for Andor episode 4

Andor episode 4 reveals a major connection between Cassian Andor and Han Solo. In the Star Wars universe, both characters have reputations for their efforts to bring down the Galactic Empire. In different ways, each did their part to help the Rebels in the fight to overcome the enemy and remove them from power.

While Cassian and Solo were both key allies to the Rebels, their battles against Imperial forces played out at different points in the Star Wars timeline, which is a fact that has always made any sort of intersection between their stories unlikely. It’s known from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that Cassian lost his life in a successful mission to find the weak spot on the Death Star. Solo, on the other hand, was an opportunist who had no interest in risking his life fighting the Empire at that time. It wasn’t until the events of the original Star Wars trilogy that he was finally roped into the conflict and made into a reluctant hero of the Rebels.

Andor episode 4 created a surprising link between the backstories of Cassian and Solo. During a talk with Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Rael, Cassian brought up his experience on Mimban where he went “straight out of prison into the mud” as a teenager. According to him, he fought there for two years and was one of only 50 survivors. Interestingly, Solo was also on the swamp planet, as shown in Solo: A Star Wars Story. In fact, it was during his time on Mimban that his storied friendship with Chewbacca first began. Based on what was said in Andor episode 4, it seems that Mimban played an important role in the lives of all three Star Wars heroes.

It’s worth wondering if their respective paths could have intersected in the Star Wars timeline. In Solo, it’s known that Solo was constricted into the Imperial infantry and forced to fight for them against the Mimbanese rebels. Eventually, Solo was able to desert with Chewbacca and leave the battles of Mimban behind him. As for Cassian, he was apparently fighting on the same side, and like Solo, his contribution to the fight wasn’t made by choice. Exactly how long the fighting on Mimban went on is hard to say, but it is at least possible that both were on the planet at the same time, thus making a meeting between them something that might have happened offscreen during the timeframe of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

After Mimban, their journeys in the Star Wars universe diverged, perhaps permanently. The two may have never met, but the prospect of two reluctant Rebel heroes crossing paths is still an interesting idea to entertain. And while there’s a very slim chance of Andor or any other Star Wars property finding an opportunity to further explore a possible meeting between Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor and Han Solo, Andor episode 4’s Mimban reveal is a reminder that despite the vast size of the galaxy, the potential exists for all sorts of surprise connections between existing Star Wars characters.

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