Andor Episode 8’s Surprise Cameo Actor Opens Up On Star Wars Return

This post contains Andor episode 8 spoilers

Andy Serkis explains why he returned to the Star Wars franchise after making a surprise cameo appearance in Andor episode 8, explaining how his new role differs from his previous character. The Disney+ series follows Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor on his journey to joining the Rebel Alliance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Andor has been warmly received by fans and critics as the series has aired due to its fresh new approach to the franchise.

Following on Cassian’s arrest and conviction on Niamos in Andor episode 7 « Announcement, » « Narkina 5 » continues to follow the character as he is transported to the titular planet, where he is incarcerated at an Imperial factory facility. Specifically constructed with horrific measures to punish those incarcerated there while serving their sentence, the facility produces machinery for the Imperial war machine constructed by the prisoners, with Cassian being assigned to Unit 5-2-D. The floor is supervised by unit manager Kino Loy, a fellow prisoner portrayed by Serkis, who previously portrayed First Order leader Supreme Leader Snoke throughout the Star Wars sequel trilogy. With Luna teasing a season 1 time skip, Cassian may be spending a significant amount of time in the facility under Loy’s watch for the next arc of the series, and Serkis has now opened up about his return to the franchise.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Serkis revealed that he was initially unsure about returning in Andor, especially with what it could imply to audiences about his prior role of Snoke. Despite this, the actor explained that he ultimately joined the series due to his own appreciation for Rogue One, while also sharing his own perspective on Loy’s potential background. Check out Serkis’ full response below:

« It’s a difficult one because I’m sure [a Snoke origin is] exactly what people will think. And why would they think other? I was a bit confused as to whether to do it or not, but it was purely because I love Rogue One. I truly loved the grounding of that film in a world which felt both real and yet still felt epic.

What I imagined of Kino’s backstory, before he was in prison, was that he was a union leader. He’s used to working as a foreman. I wanted him to come from a place where he was put in prison for, perhaps, standing up for workers’ rights, and then put into a position of authority because that’s what he does. He is a natural leader. But he really just wants to serve his time. He’s got a family. »

While Andor will explore how Cassian and Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma joined the Rebellion, « Narkina 5 » also saw the return of another Rogue One character who could hint at Kino Loy’s story. In the episode, Cassian is introduced to Ruescott Melshi (Duncan Pow), a fellow prisoner in the team that he is assigned to in Unit 5-2-D. Melshi was first seen in as part of the Rebel Alliance extraction team who would rescue Jyn Erson (Felicity Jones) from Imperial custody on Wobani, before later joining her and Cassian in their attempt to steal the Death Star plans from the Citadel on Scarif. While the later whereabouts of Serkis’ character in Star Wars canon are unknown, Andor’s first official trailer previously teased a prison riot at the Narkina 5 facility that could see both Cassian and Melshi escape. with perhaps even Loy himself finally standing up to their Imperial captors alongside his fellow prisoners. However, after episode 6 « The Eye » proved that Andor was unafraid to kill off even members of the Aldhani heist crew that audiences grew attached to, Loy and the rest of Cassian’s fellow prisoners may not survive the experience.

Serkis is an incredibly recognizable actor for many viewers, having not only appeared on-screen in films including Black Panther and The Batman, but also brought fantastical creatures to life through his performances in The Lord of the Rings, The Planet of the Apes franchise, and the Star Wars sequel trilogy. As such, his surprising Andor cameo is sure to have caught many viewers off-guard, especially those familiar with his prior role as Snoke and the previous speculation surrounding that character’s origins during the sequel trilogy’s releases. And while Loy is most likely unrelated to the First Order’s Supreme Leader, many viewers are sure to be pleased to see Serkis join Andor’s already impressive cast.

Source: Vanity Fair