Andor Just Foreshadowed A Major Mon Mothma Event For Season 2

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Andor episode 4.Andor episode 4 introduced one of the show’s central characters in Mon Mothma and foreshadowed a significant event in the senator’s, and series, future. Mon Mothma is a character initially introduced in Return of the Jedi as a Rebel Alliance leader during the Battle of Endor. However, both the prequel trilogy and show’s like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels confirmed that Mon Mothma was instrumental in shaping the galaxy before Episode VI.

This importance came through the initial formation of the Rebel Alliance, something focused on heavily during her appearances in Star Wars: Rebels. With Andor then, Mon Mothma’s task of building the Rebel Alliance from the shadows of the Empire will be focused on in live-action for the first time. Before Andor’s premiere, it was confirmed that the series would be almost dually split between its title character and Mon Mothma, played once again by Genevieve O’Reilly after her voice performance in Rebels and live-action appearances in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In Andor episode 4, a major event in the senator’s future that will almost certainly be shown in Andor season 2 was foreshadowed through one dialogue-driven scene with Mon Mothma and her husband.

During an argument over the couple having dinner with some Empire officials sometime after Andor episode 4, Mon Mothma mentions her distaste for the guests after they cut off the shipping lanes to Ghorman, forcing the Ghorman people to starve. This is a reference to the eventual Ghorman massacre, which takes in 2 BBY after the Emperor orders the massacre of peaceful protestors on Ghorman.This event causes Mon Mothma to speak out against the Emperor’s cruelty directly, a speech shown in the Star Wars: Rebels episode « Secret Cargo ». She then becomes wanted by the Empire and flees Coruscant to fully commit to building the Rebel Alliance. This event will likely be shown in Andor season 2. After the confirmation of season 2 being split into three blocks, with each block covering a year of Cassian Andor’s life and his fight with the Empire, it is likely that Mothma’s fleeing of the Empire and the Ghorman massacre will take place around episodes 7-9 of Andor season 2 which should line up with 2 BBY.

Many will likely wonder, therefore, what exactly happens to Mon Mothma between the Ghorman massacre and the events of her next live-action appearance in Rogue One two years later. Well, these events are showcased during Star Wars: Rebels​​​​​​ with the aforementioned « Secret Cargo » episode directly leading on from Mon Mothma’s speech against the Emperor. Mothma is contacted by Bail Organa, who tells Mothma to rendezvous with Phoenix Squadron in deep space. Phoenix Squadron is another name for the Ghost crew, the central characters of Star Wars: Rebels.

In Star Wars: Rebels season 3, episode 18, the Ghost crew is tasked with escorting Mon Mothma, who is on the run from the Empire. The episode focuses on the Ghost crew having to outrun a prototype TIE Defender sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn. After outmaneuvering the TIE Defender, the crew then severely damage two Star Destroyers and successfully escape the Empire’s grasp with Mon Mothma in tow. Shortly after this, Mothma transmits a message to all Rebel cells across the galaxy and announces her intention to begin outwardly fighting the Empire through a united Rebel Alliance, as opposed to through small, individual Rebel cells that had been fighting from the shadows up to that point. This marks the true formation of the Rebel Alliance, as dozens of ships respond to the call of rebellion.

Mothma then goes on to appear in Rogue One and Return of the Jedi, being instrumental in the destruction of both Death Stars. Whether these events with the Ghost crew will be shown in live-action remains to be seen. However, it is clear from Andor’s pre-established timeline and the foreshadowing of the Ghorman massacre in episode 4 that Andor season 2 will feature Mothma’s true abandonment of the Empire and commitment to the Rebel Alliance.

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