Andor’s Diego Luna Still Doesn’t Understand His Rogue One Casting

“[The director] goes, like, ‘I want you to play the guy.’ And I go like, ‘Aw, really? No, no, there has to be something wrong. I’m Mexican, I just crossed the border from Mexico City, I have this accent! You know, this accent, I cannot get rid of this accent.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah!’ I always like saying it, but I thought he wanted Gael [García Bernal]’s number, you know? […] I was just amused by the idea, because he said something beautiful, he said, ‘I want to do this film with you because I saw you in Y Tu Mamá También.’ […] You see, I don’t [get that]. I mean, I didn’t do Y Tu Mamá También thinking, ‘This is gonna get me to do…,’ I was just doing a film where I spend most of the film naked, and swearing, you know, and enjoying and having fun and telling a cool story about a very specific context, my context. And suddenly that took me there, you know? It was a surprise.”