Andor’s Massive Knights Of The Old Republic Easter Egg Explained

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 4.Andor episode 4 features a massive nod to the classic Knights of the Old Republic era. Most Disney+ TV shows have sold themselves on nostalgia, with a constant stream of Easter eggs and knowing winks to viewers. Andor has been different, however; Andor generally lacks fan-service and Easter eggs, instead focusing on character arcs and a fascinating plot that explores the corrupting influence of the Empire. It’s a refreshing approach, and it points the way to a Star Wars that’s moved beyond nostalgia.

Andor episode 4 switches things up a little, however. It finally gives viewers some information on Stellan Skarsgård’s mysterious Rebel leader, Luthen, revealing he is a slick operator who lives on Coruscant as an antiques dealer. The episode includes a glimpse of his antiques shop, and it’s absolutely packed with Easter eggs and references. Still, for all that’s the case, the most exciting Easter egg in Andor episode 4 is found in key dialogue between Luthen and Cassian Andor. Luthen presents Cassian with a « down-payment » for his services, and it’s a massive Knights of the Old Republic Easter egg.

In Andor, Luthen gives Cassian what he calls a « Kuati signet » made of blue kyber, which he describes as a sky stone from the ancient world. According to Luthen, it « celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders. » This is a reference to the classic Knights of the Old Republic stories, which were branded non-canon (or « Legends ») after Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012. There, the Rakata were portrayed as a technologically-advanced humanoid species who became the first to develop hyperspace technology – using the Force. Their so-called « Infinite Empire » conquered vast swathes of the galaxy, stripping entire planets of their resources, but they were overthrown when they arrived on the Jedi homeworld of Tython. The proto-Jedi – dubbed Je’daii – led a galactic uprising against the Rakatans, freeing the galaxy from their malign influence.

This isn’t actually the first time the Rakata have been referenced in the Disney era. There have been gentle nods to them in various tie-ins, with Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon #47 revealing they were the first to discover how to travel through hyperspace, and hinting they became extinct as a result of corruption from the dark side. Andor episode 4’s reference to the Rakata is a far more prominent one, though, and it also confirms major parts of their story. It seems that, in the Disney canon as in the old Expanded Universe, the Rakatan Empire swept across the galaxy only to be overthrown by an uprising.

This does not, however, mean Knights of the Old Republic is canon. Disney’s Star Wars incorporates the best « Legends » concepts into canon, allowing writers to tell new stories about them. What’s more, there are already clear differences between Knights of the Old Republic and the confirmed history of the Jedi in the Disney era; Star Wars: The Last Jedi confirmed the first Jedi Temple was built on Ahch-To, not on Tython, meaning events must have played out very differently. Andor will hopefully give more hints about the galaxy’s ancient history as the Disney+ TV series continues.

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