Armor Wars Star Has Hilarious Response To Schwarzenegger Titanium Man Rumors

Armor Wars star Don Cheadle has a hilarious response to rumors that Arnold Schwarzenegger will star as Titanium Man in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Originally planned as a television series, Marvel Studios decided to change the project into a film in September of this year. Set after the evens of the upcoming Disney+ television series Secret Invasion, Armor Wars will be based on the original, seven-issue Iron Man comic book that ran from 1987 to 1988, which had Tony Stark discovering his technology was stolen by a supervillain named Spymaster and sold to his corporate rival, Justin Hammer.

While as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cheadle gives a humorous response to rumors regarding Schwarzenegger starring as the villain Titanium Man in the Armor Wars movie. When Kimmel directly asks him about the action star’s potential involvement, he reveals he had no idea Titanium Man was a real character, virtually quashing any rumors. Read Kimmel and Cheadle’s exchange below:

Kimmel: Is it true that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gonna play Titanium Man?

Cheadle: I- I think he is in for Titanium Man.

Kimmel: He is?

Cheadle: Are you- Is this a serious question?

Kimmel: Yeah.

Cheadle: What is Titanium Man?

Kimmel: Oh. Well that’s a bad sign.

Cheadle: [Laughs] I hadn’t heard of Titanium… Oh, and Aluminum Girl… You just fold her up, and she can come back and re-aluminum again! No, he, um, I don’t know about that. I’ll ask him next time I see him.

Everything We Know About Armor Wars

Unfortunately, with the film’s release a long way away, not much has been revealed about Armor Wars’ story. Cheadle previously teased that the movie will center on Stark technology being stolen, similar to the original source material. However, since Tony Stark has died, having given his life to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame, Cheadle may find himself taking the role Iron Man had in the comic books.

Although Hammer is a key figure in the Armor Wars storyline, his Iron Man 2 actor, Sam Rockwell, has yet to confirm his involvement in the movie. However, it has been speculated that Django Unchained star Walton Goggins, who portrayed black market tech vendor Sonny Burch in Ant-Man and the Wasp, will reprise his role in Armor Wars. Since Burch is a low-level purchaser, he could be the middle man that Hammer uses to eventually obtain the Stark technology.

Cheadle has also explained that Armor Wars will be an MCU project that finally centers on James Rhodes/War Machine and his development as a character throughout the franchise. Rhodes first appeared in the very first Iron Man film in 2008, and has repeatedly made appearances throughout the long-running franchise. Most notably, the hero takes on Hammer in Iron Man 2, stands by Stark’s side in Captain America: Civil War, and helps defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. With little tangible information released about Armor Wars at this point, audiences can only wait and hope that his new movie will finally give Rhodes the attention he deserves.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!