Battle of The Billionaires: Do Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk Hate Each Other?

Do Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk hate each other? It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if it were true, Bezo’s is one of the most hated men in America and Musk can’t seem to stop getting himself into pointless beefs. There is also the space race going on between the two, where Bezos squeaked ahead of Musk when he got to visit the stratosphere first.

Between battles for deals with NASA and petty squabbles from the tops of their piles of money (while most Americans live paycheck to paycheck by the way) there is plenty of evidence to suggest that these billionaires do not get along. Combined, they control the same amount of wealth equal to the GDP of several nations, yet they supposedly spend their time squabbling.

9 They Started As Friends

Musk and Bezos started their relationship on friendly, or at least cordial, terms when both first began to accumulate the wealth and status they depend on now. In the early 2000s, as Amazon was growing as a company and as Musk was lining his pockets with successful investments in products like PayPal, the two were introduced. They even met to discuss the possibility of collaborating on their space travel ventures. Needless to say, that did not work out.

8 The Beef Started In 2004

The two met for a meal in 2004 to discuss their interests in space exploration. Allegedly, the two did not see eye to eye when it came to business approaches or priorities. If that is true it, again, would not be a shock since Musk is also so famously stubborn. Also, his goals for space were much loftier than Bezos’. Bezos was eager to put himself into space, while Musk is on this bizarre mission to colonize Mars. There is no evidence that the subject came up at the meeting or if this was the start of their differences, but any hopes the two could work together seemed to fall apart after this meeting.

7 Blue Origin’s Lawsuit

Nine years after their meal, their real feud began. Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, filed a legal protest against the lease that NASA was going to sign with Musk’s SpaceX for a rocket launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. The protest fell through and SpaceX won the lease by the end of 2013. Musk was not done with Blue Origin though, in August 2014 he challenged the company’s patent on tech that helped land rockets on water.

The U.S. Patent Board sided with Musk and SpaceX, forcing Blue Origin to cancel much of the patent. From there the two were in a reported back and forth. In 2015, Musk mocking tweeted about Bezos’ rocket designs. In 2019, Bezos mocked Musk’s idea of colonizing Mars, etc. Then, in 2021, SpaceX once again beat Blue Origin for a contract with NASA. Of course, Blue Origin protested the deal and later sued NASA over it.

6 Bezos Got To Space First

Musk takes to social media and interviews to mock Bezos at every point. Musk mocked the shape of Bezo’s reusable rockets, which were oddly phallic-shaped. He also mocked the design of Bezos’ lunar lander. Bezos became the first billionaire to make it into space, but that did not impress Musk, who mocked Bezos’s desire to play astronaut.

5 Musk’s Tweets (Because Of Course)

Musk does not just mock Bezos’s space exploration plans or products, he also takes jabs at his other ventures. He called Bezos a « copycat » for launching a network of satellites, a major chunk of SpaceX business operations. He said the same thing again when Bezos invested in self-driving cars, something that Musk constantly brags will be one of Tesla’s greatest innovations. He even took to Twitter to give a bad review of the Lord of the Rings television series that premiered on Amazon Prime. Musk did backtrack his harsh comments a bit just before Bezos went up in 2021, wishing him « Best of luck » in a tweet just before the launch.

4 Musk Throws Blows Again

But the cordial well-wishing did not temper moods as far as we can tell. Musk might have wished Bezos luck, but barely a month later he began to once again mock Blue Origin’s products, like the earlier mentioned lunar lander. Musk also teased Bezos when he was announced as the world’s richest person in 2021. Musk told Forbes, « I’m sending a giant statue of the digit ‘2’ to Jeffrey B., along with a silver medal. » Musk probably regrets his boasting now, as he lost his status as the richest man after losing $200 billion in 2022 after his horrendous purchase and derailing of Twitter’s operations.

3 Amazon Protests Starlink

But while Musk was still riding high with a bank account bigger than Bezos’, Bezos was making moves against Musk. Bezos and Amazon filed a protest letter to the FCC arguing that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network broke the rules about satellite deployment. Coincidentally, it was filed while Amazon was developing a new satellite internet system called Project Kuiper. As one might have guessed, Musk clapped back on Twitter, « Turns out Besos retired to pursue a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX… »

2 Bezos Isn’t Musk’s Only Beef

Musk seems to be the type of person who thrives on conflict, like a divorced dad who trolls on social media (in a way, that is what he is). But for some reason, Musk feels the need to beef with other tech billionaires. He tweeted a fatphobic and kind of sexist meme about Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg has also gotten some of that famous Elon shade. But Musk’s beef list extends beyond the billionaire class. Johnny Depp allegedly is not a fan of the tech mogul, nor is Jimmy Kimmel, Azealia Banks, Jeremy Clarkson, Bernie Sanders, Sarah Palin, Jameela Jamil, George Clooney, or Megan McCain.

1 Who Is Winning The Alleged Feud?

First of all, does anyone win while the world’s richest men feud? The money they spend fighting with each other and buying companies to one-up the other could single-handedly end world hunger. That said, based on the parameters of a feud among billionaires, it seems to be a bit of a draw. Musk’s net worth is still higher than Bezos’ despite his $200 billion loss, but Bezos proved Musk wrong and became one of the first and only civilians to make it to space. Either way, if the spat between the two is real, it is far from over.