Black Adam Failed To Show Hawkman’s Greatest Power

Aldis Hodge’s Carter Hall is featured heavily in Black Adam, but the movie failed to show Hawkman’s greatest power. As the leader of the Justice Society, Hawkman leads the charge in the team’s attempts to subdue Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The DC Extended Universe film shows just how powerful he is thanks to the Hawksuit made of Nth Metal. Black Adam repeatedly shows Hawkman in action to give his abilities time to shine. It is for that reason that Aldis Hodge’s character is one of the most memorable parts of the film, but his DCEU debut missed the perfect opportunity to showcase his full powers.

One of the big plot points in Black Adam’s ending is Doctor Fate seeing a future where Hawkman dies fighting Sabbac. Doctor Fate sacrifices himself to keep Carter alive, but that is unnecessary since Hawkman has reincarnation powers in the comics. Originating from an ancient curse, Hawkman is repeatedly able to truly cheat death and be reincarnated. The comic continuity is quite complicated regarding how Hawkman’s reincarnation works, but he has been able to maintain memories of his past lives at times. Black Adam does not mention Hawkman’s reincarnation powers, but it could have been incorporated if Carter had died fighting Sabbac.

Given his reincarnation powers, Hawkman should have died instead of Doctor Fate in Black Adam. Not only would the movie be able to utilize Carter’s greatest power, but it also would be a chance to show that Hawkman is not afraid of death. Whether he is fully conscious of his reincarnation powers, Hawkman being willing to die fighting Sabbac would be an opportunity for Black Adam to show the lengths he is willing to go to be a hero. It also leaves the DCEU in a position to explore further Hawkman’s past and powers going forward by his death and rebirth creating a need to show what happens.

Hawkman dying in Black Adam would also mean that Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate could stick around longer. His sacrificial death is expected to be the end for Kent Nelson, as the Doctor Fate helmet and mantle are now likely to pass to someone else. This is somewhat disappointing since Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate was such a highlight in Black Adam. He would be able to stick around for future appearances if he did not die, while Aldis Hodge could still play a reincarnated Hawkman after his death.

If Hawkman died in Black Adam, the DCEU might have had an easier path to introduce Hawkgirl. Carter Hall is not the only one cursed with the reincarnation powers, as he and Hawkgirl are stuck in the endless loop together. Since Black Adam does not mention Hawkman’s connection to Hawkgirl, it is possible that his death and rebirth could trigger the start of a new cycle where their paths are destined to cross. The DCEU could reveal that Hawkgirl died in the past, but Hawkman did not, which would allow the Justice Society heroes to now once again be on the same life trajectory after Carter’s death. Instead, Hawkgirl and Hawkman can still cross paths after Black Adam.