Black Adam: Where To Find The Cast On Social Media

After a long wait, Black Adam finally premiered in movie theaters on Friday, October 21st, and the DCEU fandom couldn’t be more excited. The antihero movie portrays Teth Adam (or Black Adam), played by Dwayne Johnson, a formerly enslaved man with the powers of six ancient deities that turned him into their Champion.

One of the aspects people have enjoyed more about the movie is its amazing cast, with great actors such as The Rock, Pierce Brosnan, and Noah Centineo. Other members of the cast are not as well known, but their role in the movie was equally amazing, especially Bodhi Sabongui, who plays the charismatic and hopeful Amon Tomaz, a crucial character in Black Adam’s journey.

Viola Davis plays the role of Amanda Waller in the DCEU, and she makes an important appearance in Black Adam to administrate the team that’s going to keep the ambiguous super powerful being from creating an international disaster.

She can be found on Twitter as @violadavis and she constantly shares news about her upcoming projects, lately particular about her next movie, The Woman King. She’s also very active on her Instagram account, @violadavis, where she shares pictures of her family, as well as memes and phrases of wisdom.

Marwan Kenzari played the role of Ishmael Gregor, the last descendant of King Ahk-Ton. One of the most powerful DC Comics villains, Gregor wants to get the crown of Sabbac to claim his ancestor’s power. Kenzari also played the role of King Ahk-ton in the flashbacks from Black Adam’s past.

Kenzari is only active on Instagram, where he’s already verified. With 78.1k followers, he posts mostly about his daily life and his career, lately, particularly about his role in Black Adam. Last year, he starred on The East on Amazon Prime, where he portrayed real-life military officer, Raymond Westerling.

Also known for their role as Tabitha Foster in the Netflix show Trinkets and their role as Anna in HBO Max’s Euphoria, Quintessa Swindell portrays the first-time ever life-action iteration of Maxine « Cyclone » Hunkel. Like her comic counterparts, Cyclone can control the wind. Hopefully, this B-list character will get her own movie because she definitely deserves it.

Swindell is mostly active on their Instagram account @q.uintessa. On this verified account the actor has recently posted a lot of pictures of the Black Adam promotion tour, as well as establishing themselves as a fashion icon. They also like to show the fans small glimpses of their activism, both for POC and Trans people.

Palestinian-American stand-up comedian, Mohammed « Mo » Amer, portrays Karim, Adrianna’s brother, and Black Adam’s comic relief. He’s an original DCEU character created for this movie, and although he doesn’t have powers, he’s a brave and skilled electrician, and an amazing brother and uncle.

This is Amer’s biggest role in a film yet, but he appears on Ramy as the main character’s best friend, and he’s known for his aptly titled Netflix special Mo Amer: The Vagabond. Amer enjoys using Twitter and Instagram, where he showcases his career endeavors and future projects.

Portrayed by Bodhi Sabongui, Amon Tomaz is the bravest character in the movie and the resourceful and politically-involved son of Adrianna. His hope for a better future plays a great role in Black Adam’s shit of moral alignment. He’s based on the DC Comics character Osiris, also known as Black Adam Jr.

Sabongui isn’t as active on social media as fans would like. He only has an Instagram account under the username @bodhisabongui, where he has posted pictures of his roles so far. Besides Black Adam, he appeared in The Babysitter’s club.

Aldis Hodge stars in Black Adam as Carter Hall/Hawkman, who is the most accurately portrayed comics character. The leader of The Justice Society, Hawkman is a self-righteous hero whose principles clash with Teth Adam’s antiheroism. However, these characters come to understand each other and work together to defeat Sabbac.

Hodge has both a Twitter and Instagram verified account, but he mostly uses Instagram. He uses social media to promote his work and activism. He’s involved in several socio-political causes, mostly charities that focus on helping children in need.

Adrianna Tomaz, played by Sarah Shahi, is a former college professor who quit her life to become a political fighter on Kahndaq. After her husband was killed by Intergang, she took it upon herself to protect the crown of Sabbac. While doing this inadvertently woke Black Adam to save her life.

Shahi has a very active presence on Instagram and Twitter. Recently, she has shared a lot of photos and videos of the Black Adam world tour, which gives insight to the fans into the filming of the movie and the wholesome relationship of the cast. She also likes to share about her own life and previous projects. For instance, she tweeted that she would like to repress her role as Carmen in the L Word, which currently has a reboot.

When Warner announced that Pierce Brosnan would play the role of Kent Nelson, aka Doctor Fate, fans were ecstatic, and the actor didn’t disappoint. Brosnan portrays Nelson as a seasoned superhero who returns to The Justice Society to help them against Black Adam.

Brosnan, who is notoriously famous for his role as James Bond in the 90s, is very active on Instagram. He posts on the social network almost on a daily basis, and he likes to share pictures about his career, his hobbies, and his art with his 1.8m followers.

Albert « Al » Rothstein, played by Noah Centineo, is the most childish member of The Justice Society, and he helps the crew as his superhero persona Atom Smasher. He has the ability to grow a thousand times his size thanks to a suit he inherited from his uncle, Al Pratt, the original Atom Smasher.

Centineo often publishes on both Instagram and Twitter. He uses both platforms to showcase his professional career and his favorite charitable causes. Additionally, Centineo uses Twitter to share small bits of his life, and Tweets as simple as « I’m home » get thousands of likes.

DC’s latest superhero, Black Adam, is one of Shazam’s strongest champions. Portrayed by Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson, Teth Adam is a formerly enslaved man who now needs to decide on which side of the fight he wants to be on. Throughout the film, he faces his own past and becomes Kahndaq’s protector.

With an impressive 343m followers on his Instagram account, Johnson’s account has been the main platform to distribute news about the movie. Since the film was announced, the former wrestler has posted dozens of pictures and videos. Whether it’s to see more about the behind-the-scenes or to hype themselves for the movie, fans should follow him at @therock.