Black Panther and MobyFox Bring Wakandan Style to Smartwatches

Smartwatch band designer MobyFox is honoring Black Panther and his allies with a series of bands modeled after Wakanda’s greatest heroes. Just in time for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, MobyFox is offering three officially licensed bands featuring Black Panther, Okoye, and Shuri. MobyFox is a purveyor of officially licensed Apple Watch bands and has crafted durable, high-quality silicone bands that are made to last.

MobyFox has previously made bands for other Marvel Comics properties such as Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Moon Knight, as well as fan-favorite hits such as Stranger Things, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and Harry Potter. MobyFox even helps users with further customization thanks to its handy app that gives users access to thousands of custom watch faces from over a hundred collections.

Now, with a new Black Panther movie just weeks away, MobyFox has released a new collection of the only officially licensed Black Panther smartwatch bands on the market featuring the fiercest warriors in all of Wakanda. Each one is meticulously modeled after each specific hero’s particular color schemes and aesthetic. The Black Panther band in particular is 3D molded and carefully designed to bring T’challa’s iconic armor to life. Okoye and Shuri’s smartwatch bands also have beautiful designs that can bring a classic Wakandan flair to any Marvel fan. Fans can expect high quality with these bands. Not only are they expertly designed, they’re made from a very sturdy silicone and are guaranteed to keep any Black Panther fan’s Apple Watch safe and secure.

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Fans of Black Panther can also access 20 custom faces thanks to the MobyFox app’s Watch Faces, giving their band a bit more extra style. And don’t fret Samsung or Fitbit users. While the Black Panther collection fits all Apple Watch sizes and series (including the 8 and Ultra), the bands are also compatible with other smartwatches that use a 22mm pin. And full compatibility for watches that utilize a 20mm are due in November. MobyFox isn’t leaving any Marvel fan out in the cold before the holidays come around.

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever for comic book fans to display their love for their favorite properties and characters. And while it’s easy to procure a shirt with Thor’s hammer or Spider-Man’s logo, it’s harder to find a quality item that takes a fan’s love to the next level. MobyFox’s smartwatch bands don’t take the Black Panther and Marvel name and slap it on a piece of plastic. MobyFox goes the distance and has recreated the style and grace of Wakanda with a band that would meet the approval of any comic reader. For a truly devoted fan, Black Panther enthusiasts should absolutely check out MobyFox’s collection.

This article is produced in partnership with MobyFox.