Brad Pitt Turned Down A $1 Billion Film Franchise Due To A Scheduling Conflict Because Of Spy Game

Brad Pitt is a star who has lived in the spotlight for decades now. Be it for his acting chops, his massive paydays, or even his love life, Pitt knows how to keep the people talking.

Pitt has had many opportunities come his way over time, some of which he has had to pass on. This includes a massive franchise that has been able to gross over $1 billion globally at the box office.

Let’s take a look at Brad Pitt’s career, and see which major franchise he missed out on.

Brad Pitt Is One Of The Most Successful Actors Of All Time

As one of Hollywood’s most beloved and successful leading men, Brad Pitt is a performer who hardly needs an introduction.

Whether you consider yourself a hardcore film fan, or someone who just enjoys the casual picture, Brad Pitt is someone you’ve likely spent time watching perform on the big screen. The man has been a dynamo since the 1990s, and his career is filled with a number of triumphs that have helped him establish a lasting legacy.

Brad Pitt’s career dates back to the 1980s, but the following decade is when he became a true leading men. Into the 2000s and beyond, Pitt ascended to the top, and has never looked back since.

Pitt’s career has been a classic case of choosing the right project at the right time, but even he has missed out on some projects that would have had a positive impact on his already-successful career.

Brad Pitt Has Missed Out On Some Major Projects Over Time

Pitt’s missed projects list is almost as impressive as his illustrious filmography, and it’s quite apparent to see that studios wanted him for projects that had massive potential.

According to Not Starring, Pitt has been up for many coveted roles in top-tier projects. These projects include Almost Famous, American Psycho, Apollo 13, Backdraft, Cold Mountain, The Departed, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Heathers, The Matrix, and even The Shawshank Redemption.

Believe us when we say that the list keeps going from that point on. Some of those projects are legendary, and Pitt would have done an exceptional job in all of them.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could have been a cool project for Pitt, and as recently as 2020, he eyed playing Willy Wink again.

« AceShowbiz – Brad Pitt is reportedly planning to play Willy Wonka in a new movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic kids’ story « Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ». The star’s production company Plan B worked on Tim Burton’s 2005 version, which starred Johnny Depp as eccentric sweet factory owner Willy, and is now involved in the early stages of production on a reboot, » Ace Showbiz reported.

Instead, it will be Timothee Chalamet playing a younger version of the character.

As you’d imagine, major franchises have sought out Pitt’s services, with one even getting close to luring the star. Unfortunately, for them, he declined.

Why Brad Pitt Declined Starring In The ‘Bourne’ Franchise

According to Cult MTL, « In 2000, Brad Pitt was enticed by the idea of playing Jason Bourne. The actor and the studio mutually liked the idea of a franchise spawning, if the first film garnered enough success. Ultimately, Pitt’s packed schedule forced the actor to reject the role. He instead decided to star in Tony Scott’s Spy Game alongside Robert Redford. The film was a moderate success, both critically and financially, but far less memorable than The Bourne Identity. »

That’s right, the iconic Jason Bourne was nearly played by Brad Pitt, but Spy Game got in the way of Pitt taking on the role.

While Pitt would have been great as Jason Bourne, the franchise was fortunate to land Matt Damon for the lead role. Damon was a brilliant pick for the character, and he played a major part in the franchise becoming a major success.

During its time on the big screen, the Bourne franchise has been able to generate more than $1 billion in revenue. The studio has been happy with the performance of its films, and thanks to the franchise’s success, Damon has hauled in millions, while boosting his standing as a lead actor in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt missing out on The Bourne Identity ultimately helped the franchise get the right person in the right role all those years ago. Pitt still has some acting left to do before he retires forever, so here’s hoping that he makes his way into a major franchise at some point in the near future.