Cabinet Of Curiosities: Dreams In The Witch House Cast & Character Guide

Warning! SPOILERS for Cabinet of Curiosities episode 6, « Dreams in the Witch House »

The Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities episode « Dreams in the Witch House » brings together a talented cast to bring to live a classic H. P. Lovecraft short story. « Dreams in the Witch House » tells the unnerving story of Walter Gilman’s desperate attempts to resurrect his long-lost sister and the sinister supernatural fores that they unleash. The episode’s cast brings together familiar faces, as well as lesser known actors.

Like the other episodes in Cabinet of Curiosities, « Dreams in the Witch House » is a stand-alone short story. Del Toro appears in the opening to introduce the story, but the episode was directed by Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke, with a script by Mika Watkins loosely based on the tale by influential early 20th-century horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, who also inspired the TV series Lovecraft Country and numerous film adaptations. Here’s who’s who in « Dreams of the Witch House, » and where you might recognize them from.

Rupert Grint as Walter Gilman

Grint plays the lead role of Walter Gilman, an occult investigator who has been obsessed with the mysterious death of his sister during their childhood. Grint is best known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, but he has also compiled an extensive career as an adult actor, mostly in British television series such as Sick Note and Snatch. He also was a regular cast member in the AppleTV+ supernatural drama Servant.

Ismael Cruz-Cordova as Frank Elwood

Frank Elwood is perhaps Walter’s only true friend, who tries to save him from his obsessions. Cruz-Cordova has had a breakout year in 2022, also appearing as the elvish warrior Arondir in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Previously Cruz-Cordova had recurring roles in TV series such as The Undoing and Berlin Station.

Tenika Davis as Mariana

Mariana is a painter with supernatural visions whose works predict the future. Gilman hires Mariana to help his search, and she becomes crucial to the story’s climax. Davis is a Canadian actress who superhero fans may recognize as playing Petra Small on Jupiter’s Legacy and Myrrha on Titans.

Lize Johnston as Keziah Mason

Keziah Mason was a 17th century herbal healer who claimed to have the ability to travel between dimensions, and who later appears to Gilman in a monstrous form. Beneath the frightening image of Keziah is actress Lize Johnston, a South African actress who has appeared in the series Space Command and Mira Mira. Mason also appears in two other Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosity episodes, playing Dottie in « Lot 36 » and Lotion Woman in « The Outside. »

Dreams in the Witch House Supporting Cast

DJ Qualls as Jenkins Brown — Jenkins is Keziah Mason’s monstrous familiar, with the body of a rat and the face of a man. Qualls is a veteran actor whose past roles include Ed McCarthy in The Man in the High Castle and, relevant to this role, Rat in The Core.

Daphne Hoskins as Epperley Gilman — Epperley is Walter’s sister who dies in childhood, and later appears as a ghost. Epperly is portrayed by Daphne Hoskins, a young actress who may be familiar to Netflix viewers as Vanessa Pike from The Baby-Sitters Club.

Nia Vardalos as Madame Levine — Madame Levine is part of a fraudulent psychic show that Walter seeks out as part of his quest to contact Epperley in Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Vardalos is best known as the star of 2002’s sleeper hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding, playing the character of Toula.