Cabinet Of Curiosities: Lot 36 Cast & Character Guide

The first episode of the Netflix horror series Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, « Lot 36, » features some well-known names among its cast and an intriguing list of characters. The eight-episode anthology series contains contributions from a wide range of creators, writers, and directors with each installment being a standalone and self-contained horror story with its own distinct ensemble of actors.

The first episode of Netflix’s Cabinet of Curiosities, « Lot 36, » tells the story of Nick Appleton, who after purchasing the unit of a recently deceased old man — the titular lot 36 — discovers some strange items. After he takes the old man’s séance table and three obscure books to an antique specialist, Nick begins to uncover a demonic secret lurking in the old man’s unit. Below is a guide to the characters of the Cabinet of Curiosities’ « Lot 36 » episode, including Nick, along with the cast of actors who play each role and where you’ve seen them before.

Tim Blake Nelson plays Nick Appleton, the protagonist of the « Lot 36 » episode of Cabinet of Curiosities. Nick is a war veteran who is cynical and aggressive. As shown in his treatment of Emilia, a Hispanic woman, he also harbors some racist views. Some of Nelson’s most notable roles include Wade Tillman/Looking Glass in the Watchmen series, the titular role in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Ralph Myers in Just Mercy, and Samuel Sterns, a.k.a. The Leader, in Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk.

Also in the cast of the « Lot 36 » episode of Cabinet of Curiosities is Sebastian Roché as Roland, an antique specialist with a fascination for the occult. When Nick shows him the three books from the unit, Roland offers him $300,000 for the fourth and volunteers to help search for it. Roland is the spiritual alternative to Nick’s cynicism and his interest in the demonic contrasts with Nick’s Christianity. Roché previously starred in Criminal Minds and the great Amazon Prime TV show The Man in The High Castle.

While the full name of her character is not listed in the credits of Cabinet of Curiosities’ « Lot 36 » episode, Elpidia Carrillo plays a woman who introduces herself as Emilia. When she approaches Nick, who purchased her family’s unit after she was wrongfully evicted, she asks to search the lot for any of her family’s items and is aggressively rejected and subjected to racial abuse. Emilia plays a subdued role for most of the episode’s narrative, but her interaction with Nick has vital consequences for the ending of the story. Carrillo previously starred as Anna in Predator and also appears in the movies Nine Lives and Kingpin.

Demetrius Grosse plays the character Eddy, who owns the 24-hour warehouse where lot 36 is located and where Nick performs most of his business. While he has an unspecified arrangement with Nick, he is far more conscientious and empathetic than Nick. Eddy appears genuinely sorry when he realizes his mistaken eviction of Emilia and berates Nick for his harsh treatment of her, just as he encourages Nick to treat antique specialist Agatha with respect. Before starring in Cabinet of Curiosities, Grosse appeared in Straight Outta Compton and Justified. He currently plays the character Josiah LaRoux in Fear the Walking Dead.

Martha Burns as Agatha — The antique specialist who Nick approaches with the artifacts and who calls Roland for specialist advice in the Cabinet of Curiosities’ « Lot 36 » episode. Martha Burns notably starred in Slings & Arrows, Remedy, and Love and Savagery.

James Neely as Old Man — The owner of lot 36 whose death sets the narrative in motion. James Neely previously starred in the movie Tapped Out.

Tony Munch as Auctioneer — The head auctioneer who oversees the sale of the title storage unit to Nick in the « Lot 36 » episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Tony Munch previously appeared in the movies Shoot ’em Up, Cube Zero, and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.