Cabinet Of Curiosities: The Autopsy Cast & Character Guide

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Cabinet of Curiosities episode 3Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities episode 3, « The Autopsy », features a talented cast and some fascinating characters. The new Netflix series, created and executive produced by Del Toro, is an 8-part horror anthology series featuring contributions from a diverse group of writers and directors. This episode, directed by David Prior and based on a short story by Michael Shea, follows Guillermo Navarro’s « Lot 36 » and Vincenzo Natali’s « Graveyard Rats » in the series of horror vignettes.

« The Autopsy » tells the story of Dr. Carl Winters, a forensic pathologist who is sent to investigate the deaths of 10 men who were killed in a mysterious mining explosion. Nate Craven, the local sheriff and a long-term friend of Winters, recounts the strange events that led up to the explosion including a series of missing-persons cases and the hunt for an allusive suspect named Joe Allen. In keeping with the horror theme throughout Guillermo Del Toro’s new series, Winters’ autopsies lead him to uncover a disturbing and sinister truth. Here is a complete guide to the cast and characters of Cabinet of Curiosities episode 3, « The Autopsy »

F. Murray Abraham plays the protagonist Dr. Carl Winters, a pathologist struggling with stomach cancer who performs the story’s titular autopsy. Abraham has enjoyed a long and successful acting career in both Television and Film, most famously winning the best actor Oscar for his role as Mozart’s archrival Antonio Salieri in 1984’s Amadeus. Abraham also starred as a voice actor in both How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, as well as voicing Khonshu in Marvel’s Moon Knight. Abraham also played supporting roles in Scarface, The Good Wife, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and starred alongside fellow Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Joining Abraham is Luke Roberts, who plays the mysterious Joe Allen – a young man with unspecified hypnotic abilities who previously went by the name Eddie Sykes. Roberts is perhaps most famous for his role as Joseph Byrne in the British medical drama Holby City, but also played Woodes Rogers in Black Sails season 3 and 4 and the leading role in the drama series Ransom. Roberts also made a cameo appearance as Ser Arthur Dayne in Game of Thrones season 6, episode 3 and more recently played Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Veteran actor Glynn Turman plays Nate Craven, a weary local sheriff who investigates the Joe Allen/Eddie Sykes case and relays to Winters the disturbing events that led up to the mining explosion. Turman has an extensive catalog of television roles, most famously including NBC’s sitcom A Different World and his role as Mayor Clarence Royce in HBO’s The Wire. Turman’s other notable roles include Jeremiah Kaan in Showtime’s House of Lies, Doctor Senator in Fargo season 3 and Nate Lahey Sr. in How to Get Away With Murder season 4 and 5.

Dan Beirne as Deputy Davis: One of Craven’s colleagues. Beirne’s previous roles include Mackenzie King in The Twentieth Century, Sonny Greer in Fargo and Gary Goldman in Workin’ Moms.

Calwyn Shurgold as Deputy Lawrence: One of Craven’s colleagues. Shurgold is primarily a stand-up comedian but has previously appeared in shows such as Orphan Black, Coroner and The Hot Zone.

James Acton as Abel Dougherty: One of Joe Allen’s victims. Acton is primarily a theater actor, but before appearing in Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities he has starred in the series Disasters at Sea and the short film Liam and May, and can be seen in the upcoming films Guadalupe and The Paper Boy.