Can Manifest’s Angelina Be Redeemed By Series Finale? Creator Responds

Warning: Some SPOILERS lie ahead for Manifest season 4 part 1.Manifest’s creator, Jeff Rake, is addressing whether Angelina can be redeemed by the series finale. The supernatural drama premiered on NBC back in 2018 and follows the mystery surrounding the passengers and crew on board Montego Air Flight 828, who suddenly emerge after being presumed dead for over five years. Despite a slight drop in ratings over its first three seasons, the show’s cancelation came as a surprise to many, though fans rejoiced when their campaign efforts led to Netflix renewing it for a final installment. Manifest season 4 part 1 debuted in early November and audiences witnessed a lot of shocking developments, including Angelina (Holly Taylor) becoming more of a threat and endangering lives by taking the Omega Sapphire’s powers and initiating an apocalypse.

In an interview with The Wrap, Rake touches on if Angelina can be redeemed after the recent events of Manifest season 4. The creator states that Angelina « certainly pushes the envelope, » and reveals that one question looming over the rest of the season will be whether her character can be saved or not by the series finale. See what Rake explained below:

« Angelina certainly pushes the envelope to the point of the envelope ripping into infinite shreds, when you talk about the possibility of redemption. You look at her, and you ask yourself, ‘How can someone like that possibly be redeemed?’ And that’ll be a big question all the way to the series finale. The question of, you know, can someone like Angelina be redeemed? Not even ‘someone like’ — can Angelina be redeemed? [That] is a question that kind of runs through the episodes all the way through to series finale. »

How Angelina Could Be Redeemed In Manifest’s Final Episodes

The character of Angelina has become more of an antagonist as the series progressed. Fans of Manifest remember everything that happened leading up to season 4, specifically her killing Grace and abducting Eden, who she felt close to in a way. Before she absorbed the Omega Sapphire’s powers in the most recent episode, Angelina used it to inflict pain and affect the Callings of those previously on board flight 828, eventually coming to see herself as an archangel and believing that what she is doing is for the overall good.

Misguided, Angelina seems to ignore the damage she is creating for everyone on Manifest, especially Ben, though some may argue that she knows what she is doing. Perhaps her character can be redeemed in the end if she actually understands the errors in judgment made along the way, but for now, she continues to act against everyone else. It appears she may be the cause of the apocalypse that the other passengers saw in a Calling, so what she ultimately decides to do with the powers of the Omega Sapphire can determine the state of the world and if she can be forgiven.

When Manifest continues with part 2 of its final season, it will be interesting to see what exactly happens next, and if Angelina becomes the show’s last big threat before its conclusion. Based on Rake’s comments, it seems like audiences will not know if she can be saved until the very end, and with all that has transpired in recent episodes, whatever could lead to a potential redemption would need to be significant for audiences to forgive all that she has done. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing how Angelina’s arc evolves and if she gets redeemed in the near future, though with no release date confirmed by Netflix as of yet, they will have to wait for news surrounding Manifest season 4’s return.