Casting The Greek Gods In Disney+’s Percy Jackson Show

The best fit for Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, is Christine Adams, who has the poise and decorum to play the pantheon’s most intelligent member. Mostly known for her role as Dr. Lynn Stewart on The CW’s Arrowverse show Black Lightning, she can exude confidence and ferocity while keeping a quality of softness that would further round the character. Adams’s Athena would have a good amount of screen time, as she is the mother of Annabeth Chase, the female lead of the Percy Jackson show.

No stranger to playing rough-and-tumble characters, Michael Chiklis is the perfect actor to cast as the Greek god of war, Ares. Having played Jim Powell in No Ordinary Family and Ben Grimm/The Thing in the early 2000s Fantastic Four films, he would truly fit the bill. Out of all the gods, Ares will likely have the most screen time in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians show, as he frequently —and aggressively — antagonizes Percy and his friends as they continue on their quest to find Zeus’s lightning bolt. Chiklis has the bravado to be the tough guy rattling the cages of the Percy Jackson show’s main trio.

While she is more notable as a journalist, that has not stopped Maria Menounos from trying her hand at acting. Taking up small roles in the past — most of them reporters — should be qualification enough for her to play Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. The character will be a challenge, considering that in the Percy Jackson books she can be temperamental and vindictive, despite the aspect she represents. Given the opportunity, Menounos will be able to step up to the challenge and deliver a great performance.