Cobra Kai’s Kreese Twist Prevents A Perfect Villain Story For Season 6

Kreese’s ending in Cobra Kai season 5 makes a perfect villain story impossible for season 6. After showing what appeared to be Kreese’s death in the season 5 finale’s opening scene, the episode delivered a shocking fakeout that culminated in Martin Kove’s character escaping from prison. Based on this tease, Cobra Kai’s main characters will have to deal with a vengeful Kreese when the series returns.

While Kreese’s prison break has opened the door for a heated continuation of his conflict with Johnny and Daniel, it’s also created an obstacle in the way of an ideal villain arc for season 6. Now that Terry Silver’s crimes have been exposed, Kreese could have been exonerated and freed from prison. Had that happened, he could have picked up where Silver left off and led Cobra Kai to the Sekai Taikai. Going in this direction would have been an excellent way to make Kreese Cobra Kai’s ultimate villain. He didn’t have the financial resources to pull off what his former partner has done, which is why it would it could have used Silver to strengthen Cobra Kai, only for Kreese to take over just in time for the world tournament.

Cobra Kai created all the right building blocks for Kreese to be Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen’s principal adversary for the Sekai Taikai. First of all, it hasn’t been confirmed if Silver’s downfall has impacted Cobra Kai’s participation in the tournament, which means that it could be still be involved. Presumably, Sensei Kim is now in charge now that Silver has been defeated. And since she expressed disappointment when she learned that Kreese was no longer with the dojo, it’s likely that she’d be willing to team up with him, perhaps more so than she was with Silver. Not only that, but Kreese’s influence could have helped her get back some of the students that Silver’s cheating cost them in the finale.

However, none of these scenarios have a good chance of playing out now that Kreese is on the run. As a fugitive, he’s obviously in no position to run a dojo or continue to have a presence in the kids’ lives. Because of this development, the show would struggle to tell a story where Sensei Kim and Kreese are working together at Cobra Kai. If Cobra Kai had simply proved Kreese’s innocence, the two could have served as a competent duo and a greater challenge for the main characters to overcome.

Making him a criminal has severely limited Cobra Kai’s options for Kreese’s future, and what makes the situation worse is the fact that the show didn’t craft an easy way out. Kreese didn’t pull his punches when he made his escape and seemingly erased any shot at leniency he might have had. With the situation he’s in now, it’ll be hard for him to show up anywhere without the threat of the police arriving to arrest him. Kreese might have an opportunity to get revenge against Daniel, Johnny, or Terry Silver at some point in season 6, but staying out of prison on a long-term basis may be difficult for the character to pull off.

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