Cocaine Bear Clip Shows Rescue Attempt Go Horribly & Hilariously Wrong

A new clip from Cocaine Bear shows a rescue attempt taking a terrifying turn as the bear continues to rampage under the influence. Cocaine Bear, directed by Elizabeth Banks, is sure to be one of the most bizarre movies of the year as it follows an American black bear that finds a massive amount of cocaine left behind in the forest. The film is based on a true story, but Banks has added a much-needed layer of levity to help the horror go down. The dark comedy is much anticipated with new clips showing the carnage the bear leaves during its trip.

While on its wildly destructive frenzy, the bear runs into all sorts of people who are horrified to be at the mercy of such a formidable foe. In a new clip teasing Cocaine Bear’s insane story, shared by IGN, the bear turns on two EMTs, played by Scott Seiss and Kahyun Kim, attempting to rescue an injured officer, played by Margo Martindale.

The group scrambles to escape with their lives as the bear bursts onto the scene, immediately chasing them down in a violent fit of rage. The clip cuts short just as the bear leaps toward the fleeing ambulance, and one can only hope the cocaine-fueled bear goes easy on them.

Cocaine Bear Is The Movie We All Need Right Now

Cocaine Bear looks fun, thrilling, and like it doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s exactly what audiences are looking for right now. While having a cinematic universe is great, it can be overwhelming having to follow along with 20+ movies and TV shows just to understand what’s going on. That’s part of what makes Cocaine Bear look so appealing – there’s no complicated backstory; just a bear, a big bag of cocaine, and all the mayhem that follows.

The film has all the markings of a cult classic, and its premise is so easy to follow that all viewers have to do is sit back and watch it all unfold. This kind of movie seems to be far and few between these days, with so many new releases being reboots, sequels, and spin-offs. It’s refreshing to see an original screenplay that just seeks to entertain. Banks definitely knew what she was doing with Cocaine Bear, and has crafted what looks to be great thriller with a darkly funny sense of humor. Sometimes a bear on cocaine is an intriguing enough premise on its own.

Banks has mentioned a Cocaine Bear sequel and maybe the Cocaine Animal Extended Universe doesn’t sound too bad. With audiences already hyped to see a bear on cocaine, it seems only fair let others in the animal kingdom get in on the action. Cocaine Bear is set to release on February 24 and it’s sure to hit the spot.

Source: IGN