Cut House Of The Dragon Moment Reveals Daemon Targaryen’s Softer Side

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for House of the Dragon season 1 episode 6An official image from House of the Dragon reveals a cut moment from the show’s latest episode, in which Prince Daemon Targaryen embraces his children after a major tragedy. Daemon’s characterization in House of the Dragon has often focused on the violent and manipulative manner with which he tries to garner power in Westeros. Daemon’s brutality was present from the very first episode, in which, as the City Watch commander, he ordered the vicious killings and maimings of criminals in King’s Landing. His manipulative nature has also been salient many times, such as when he took his niece, Princess Rhaenyra, into a King’s Landing brothel.

Recently, Daemon has begun building a life disconnected from his direct bids for power. Episode 6 reveals that he has married Lady Laena Velaryon, the pair having two children and expecting a third by the start of the episode. The family resides in Pentos for the time being, though the couple argue about whether to stay or return to Westeros. Unfortunately, all their future plans are dashed when complications during childbirth lead Laena to order her dragon Vhagar to burn her to death.

Now, a new image from the official Game of Thrones Twitter account shows a cut moment from House of the Dragon episode 6, which sees Daemon Targaryen comfort his children after their mother’s death. The image is one of emotional vulnerability, something not associated with Daemon, but now on full display. Check out the image below:

This new image of Daemon and his children adds an extra layer of sorrow to Laena’s death. His embrace hints that his family unit will be brought closer together in their time of grief. How the Rogue Prince’s loss will impact his frame of mind going forward is unclear, though a teaser for House of the Dragon episode 7 indicates Daemon may return to Westeros following this tragedy. With such a possibility looming on the horizon, it means he could continue vying for power in more direct ways from within King’s Landing.

How much impact this cut content will have on House of the Dragon’s story remains to be seen. Given the image was tweeted out and not part of a scene from episode 6, it may indicate Daemon won’t be involved in many emotional scenes going forward. Even so, the image reveals a part of his character the audience isn’t entirely familiar with. Daemon’s brutality in House of the Dragon has been a defining factor for his development, so a quieter, unguarded scene could add a layer of depth that would make him even more compelling. The cut moment shows that House of the Dragon could benefit from scenes that present a side of Daemon the audience hasn’t seen yet.

Source: Game of Thrones/Twitter