David Tennant’s Wife Has Coolest Response Ever To His Doctor Who Return

David Tennant’s wife reacts to his Doctor Who return. Georgia Tennant (née Moffett) has a long history with the popular sci-fi series as the daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. She also starred in season 4 of the series’ modern era alongside Tenth Doctor David Tennant, playing Jenny, the result of the Doctor yielding a cell sample into a machine on the planet Messaline which creates a fully grown biological descendant of his, « The Doctor’s Daughter. » The newborn soldier Jenny eventually fights alongside the Doctor, who mourns her death after she takes a bullet meant for him. However, Jenny regenerated after that event and started to travel, returning in 2018 audio series Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter. In a quirky real-life twist, Moffett later married Tennant and started a family with him.

David Tennant has also reprised his role as the Doctor, though his return has occurred on-screen as the Fourteenth Doctor, coming after Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration in « The Power of the Doctor. » Tennant’s original run as the Time Lord lasted from 2005 to 2010, traveling with a series of fan-favorite companions. Though viewers knew that Tennant’s return was in store, it was a surprise for many to see the Thirteenth Doctor regenerate into him, and Georgia Tennant has an amusing response.

Georgia posted a celebratory snap to Instagram of herself and her husband looking cozy. In the caption, she referenced the episode title with a hashtag and detailed her relationship history with the various Doctors with hilarious phrasing. See the post (and cheeky caption) above.

Before Tennant’s return, viewers assumed that Ncuti Gatwa, who was previously announced to be taking over the role after Whittaker’s run, would star as the Fourteenth Doctor. With Tennant joining once again as number Fourteen, Gatwa will officially debut as the Fifteenth Doctor when he makes his on-screen debut next year. As the longest-running sci-fi television series in history, Doctor Who largely owes its longevity to the protagonist’s ability to regenerate, which brings new actors into the role often and allows the series to retain its originality.

Whittaker made history as the first woman to take on the role of the Doctor, with Gatwa also making history as the first person of color to become the Time Lord. Since Tennant is the official Fourteenth Doctor, he will star in the 60th anniversary special along with returning companion Donna leading some historic episodes for the franchise before passing the baton to Gatwa. After Tennant’s emotional original regeneration, audiences will be treated to some serious nostalgia when he regenerates once again, though it will be a treat to see Gatwa finally step into his shoes in the next season of Doctor Who.

Source: Georgia Tennant/Instagram