Davon’s Walking Dead Timeline & Heath Connection Explained

The injured Davon is picked up by sisters Amanda and Nora, who have established a walled community away from civilization. They kindly offer their new guest a replacement leg and a fresh pair of glasses. Amanda teaches Davon something philosophical about killing fish, while he and Nora grow romantically close over piano lessons and oddly-shaped strawberries. Unbeknownst to Davon, Amanda’s son Arnaud is already eyeing him with suspicion.

While minding his own business reading one day, Davon hears a boy’s voice coming through an air vent. Following the sound, he discovers Nora’s young son Garen and another child chained up in the basement, but is interrupted by Amanda – who knows about the little captives – before he can raise the alarm. The pair handcuff themselves together during a scrappy fight that ends with the community’s leader falling into acid, but then the real culprit wanders in – Amanda’s son, Arnaud. The teenage terror knocks Davon out cold, then presumably runs outside to tell the other villagers their newcomer is a murderer. A dazed Jessie T. Usher staggers outside carrying Amanda’s body and weakly crying for help, but collapses in the forest.

Tales of the Walking Dead’s episode 5 present timeline then begins proper, with Davon fleeing the angry mob while still hallucinating due to his head wound. These wild visions help Davon recover his memories, since the past seven weeks have now become completely muddled. The imagined voice of a zombified Amanda leads Jessie T. Usher’s protagonist back to his old house, then down into the basement where a zombified prisoner is now rotting. Although Davon’s unreliable mind sees Amanda attacking him at this point, Tales of the Walking Dead implies its episode 5 hero was captured by angry villagers while exploring the basement, because he’s next seen tied up outside by the angry mob.