Deadpool Writer Reveals the One Villain He Wasn’t Allowed to Humiliate

Marvel has had a lot of success allowing Deadpool to ruthlessly mock its entire universe, but it turns out one iconic villain is a step too far when it comes to Wade’s shenanigans. In a recent interview, the writer of Deadpool’s ultra-successful Marvel NOW! series revealed that Marvel editorial bluntly refused a scripted moment in which the Merc With a Mouth cut one evil-doer down to size.

Beginning publication in 2012, the Marvel NOW! series is one of the most well regarded in Deadpool’s history, mixing truly irreverent humor with heartbreaking pathos, and expanding Wade’s world with a new supporting cast (including two daughters), a marriage, and regular flashbacks which set up unseen aspects of his life, such as the horrific reveal that Weapon X forced the antihero to kill his parents. Presiding over this acclaimed run were writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, but it turns out there was one place they were forbidden to take things.

In a recent interview with AIPT, several of Marvel’s X-Men writers were asked for the funniest editorial notes they’ve gotten while working with Marvel. Among several great answers, Gerry Duggan relates an email from editor Tom Brevoort during the early days of Deadpool, making it clear that Wade’s intended humiliation of Kang the Conqueror wasn’t allowed to go ahead. While Duggan can’t remember exactly what was meant to happen to the time-traveling tyrant, this is the series that depicted Deadpool forcing the Avengers to uncontrollably vomit in horrifically creative ways, suggesting it was a particularly extreme moment. Duggan says:

I recall one of my first emails from Tom Brevoort way back when I was on Deadpool was very short and simple: “We will not humiliate Kang in this way” and I can’t even remember what it was we asked to do. It’s been a decade since Marvel Now. Woof.

Why Marvel Wouldn’t Let Deadpool Humiliate Kang

It’s unfortunate that Duggan can’t remember what exactly Deadpool was going to do to Kang, especially since the series treated other characters with major disrespect. From Thor killing Deadpool then shrugging it off to introducing a Celestial with planet-scouring vomit, the comic didn’t pull its punches, despite being canon in the Marvel Universe. However, it’s not shocking that of all characters, Kang would be off the table. The arrogant villain is a dignified, aristocratic killer, so creating the image of him losing that dignity could potentially have undercut him in the long run, especially with the way comic moments tend to be shared online without context.

The MCU Could Give Deadpool Another Chance

Deadpool has taken on everyone from Thanos to Doctor Bong, but the one villain he’s not allowed to embarrass is Kang the Conqueror. That’s got to be particularly frustrating for a fourth wall-breaking character who knows full well his actions are being controlled by Marvel’s writers. WIth Kang soon to enter the MCU in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, played by Jonathan Majors, it’s likely his profile will continue to rise in the comics, getting more cameos and perhaps being the center of a summer event. That movie bumo could mean Deadpool may soon get one more chance to « humiliate » the iconic Marvel villain.

Source: AIPT