Deadpool’s Healing Factor Has Reached A Disgusting New Level

Warning: SPOILERS for X-Force #33Marvel’s Deadpool officially hits a new low as he debuts his new power – and in the process, proves to the X-Men and to readers alike that his outside-the-realms-of-decency-thinking actually works in his favor. The infamous Merc with a Mouth fights on the side of the X-Men in the new X-Force series, and still retains his hero worship of Wolverine even as the island of Krakoa falls under attack from multiple foes. In X-Force #33, Deadpool does what he can to survive in a fight to the death between Wolverine and Kraven, including debut his new (gross, but on-brand) power.

Deadpool has joined the X-Force squad, albeit on a probationary period. A mission with Omega Red goes horribly wrong when Arkady cuts off Deadpool’s arms; from there, he is decapitated by a polar bear, found by Kraven the Hunter, taken to Krakoa (Deadpool’s head is used by Kraven to pass through the mutants-only gates) and finally escapes by biting off his own tongue. Deadpool is then given a new body by Black Tom Cassidy, made out of the plantlife of Krakoa itself.

In X-Force #33, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Robert Gill, Kraven sets his sights on whom he considers to be the deadliest mutant on the island: Wolverine. A battle ensues in a simulated version of the Savage Land (a facsimile of a prehistoric Earth, complete with dinosaurs and volcanoes), in which Wolverine and Kraven fight to the death while Deadpool can only watch in horror as his Krakoa body begin to burn thanks to proximity to the volcano. « I demand a refund, Black Tom! » Deadpool shouts as fire consumes his legs, leaving him no choice but to activate his « baby escape pod » and leap out of his body using his still-regenerating form.

Deadpool can evidently still regenerate, even when decapitated, but there are limits to his powers. Unlike Wolverine, Deadpool’s healing factor works slowly and methodically. It also appears aging applies to his regeneration (hence his body being far too small for his head). Regardless, Deadpool’s ability allowed him to escape certain death (since the simulation would be deleted and destroyed on a molecular level, and it is highly unlikely that Deadpool could survive even that level of destruction).

This « baby escape pod » appears to be a one-time-only ability; once his body is fully grown, he will of course be unable to use his Krakoa suit/body until Black Tom makes him another. The body, crafted out of Krakoan materials, essentially made Deadpool an official mutant – but with the destruction of the body, it appears Deadpool is an « honorary » mutant once again. Regardless of his X-Men status, Deadpool continually resorts to gross-out humor, but it also keeps him alive.