Did Alan Rickman Want His Private Diary Published?

Everyone knows about the legacy of Alan Rickman — one of the greatest actors who brought Professor Severus Snape to life in the Harry Potter movies, as well as other iconic roles such as Emma Thompson’s cheating husband in Love Actually, Sir Alex Dane in the sci-fi comedy classic Galaxy Quest, and the greatest action movie villain in Hollywood history Hans Gruber from Die Hard, to name a few.

Fans believed Alan Rickman deserved an Oscar for every role. From his languid and unique voice to his versatility on screen, fans will never be over his absence from our screens, after Rickman passed away in 2016. But despite how much fans miss Professor Snape, Alan Rickman, who feels like an absent old friend to most fans, do they genuinely know the real Alan Rickman — and did he want them to?

Fans will be able to get a glimpse into the real Alan Rickman, as his personal diaries — all 27 volumes — are slated for an October 2022 release.

Alan Rickman started writing in his diaries in 1993, and in the book Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries, Rickman’s writing style is described as « anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid » as fans of him are offered insight into both his public and personal life.

The diaries are also rumored to include juicy gossip about Alan Rickman’s Harry Potter co-stars and what he really thought of them — which leads fans to ask the following question: Is this what Alan Rickman would have really wanted, for his personal diaries to be published, for all the world to see?

After HuffPost shared an article about some of the late actor’s thoughts from his diaries, fans took to Twitter to share their discomfort at Rickman’s diaries being public knowledge.

Most fans seem to think that the release of Rickman’s persona diaries after death is invasive and a « gross » intrusion of privacy.

« Did [Rickman] say this is what HE wanted to happen with his diary? » one fan commented. « Seems wrong. »

« He was a notoriously private person. I doubt it, » another fan speculated. « Someone found his diaries and were like cha-ching. »

« This is so gross, » another fan commented. « Whoever published this needs a lesson on ethics. »

There were some fans, but not many, who are excited to read the actor’s diaries, and are especially excited to read more about the different roles he played in their favorite movies, as the book promises to reveal Alan Rickman’s thoughts whilst he was filming Sense & Sensibility, the Harry Potter movies, Private Lives and many more.

But the consensus seems to be that publishing Rickman’s diary isn’t right, as fans are worried that the late actor never consented to this.

« He was great in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, and of course Die Hard…and more. But it feels invasive to have posthumous access to his private thoughts, » another fan tweeted. « Unless he intended this and left it directed in a will, it is still a violation. Hope it wasn’t family… »

Some of Alan Rickman’s biggest fans are understandably concerned about what he, Rickman, would have wanted. So what is the truth?

Would Alan Rickman have been OK with anyone having access to his personal diaries?

Some fans have said that Alan Rickman intended to publish his diaries all along — are they right? According to The Guardian, Alan Rickman started writing his diaries in 1993 with the intention that they would one day be published.

It would seem that whoever gave permission for Alan Rickman’s diaries to become a published book was simply granted the late actor’s final wishes.

Understandably, this was hard for some fans to believe, after tidbits from Rickman’s diaries were revealed, making fans feel like they were reading gossip they were not entitled to, such as how Rickman really felt about the Harry Potter movies and his co-stars.

During filming for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is said to be Rickman’s favorite of the eight Harry Potter movies, Rickman wrote in his diary that “These kids need directing » and that the kids « didn’t know their lines. »

Rickman also wrote that he didn’t think Daniel Radcliffe was an actor, but predicted that the Harry Potter star would « undoubtedly direct/produce. »

He also wrote that Radcliffe was « sensitive, articulate & smart. »

If fans are comfortable with the knowledge that Alan Rickman had always planned for his diaries to be published, they will undoubtedly love the upcoming book, which will offer a candid and fascinating insight into the great and dearly-missed actor’s mind.