DnD’s New Dice Can Turn Into Your Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Hasbro recently unveiled a line of amazing new Dungeons & Dragons toys called Dicelings, which transform from twenty-sided dice into classic DnD monsters. Dice are a central part of the iconic tabletop RPG, with players rolling various dice to determine the outcome of specific actions during their adventure. The Dungeons and Dragons community often utilizes unique custom dice, like a beautiful James Webb Telescope dice set, and now Dicelings will make the RPG experience even more fun and engaging.

As reported by ComicBook.com, toy manufacturer Hasbro is set to enhance Dungeons and Dragons sessions with its newly revealed Diceling line. Releasing in March 2023, Dicelings can transform from oversized twenty-sided dice into iconic DnD monsters like a white owlbear, a black dragon, a red dragon or a beholder. The Dicelings are specifically part of the marketing for the upcoming film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which will see Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez embark on a quest through the Forgotten Realms. The four Dicelings are available to pre-order now on Entertainment Earth, either individually or as a six-piece set.

Dicelings Are A Monstrous Addition To Dungeons & Dragons

Fans of the tabletop RPG tend to love Dungeons & Dragons dice with unique designs, and few dice sets are likely to be more unique than Dicelings. Although they are oversized the Hasbro toys are completely functional as actual DnD dice, with each side being adorned with a number to determine the success or failure of a given action. Transforming the dice into monsters can then serve as a helpful and exciting visual aid for a campaign, letting adventurers actually see the vicious creatures they’re supposed to be facing. Dungeon masters now have the unique opportunity to design campaigns around Dicelings, ensuring that the party runs into a beholder, dragon or white owlbear to match the dice they’re using.

While Dicelings are a truly unique way to roll, Dungeons & Dragons Hit Dice can also put a clever twist on taking tabletop action. Traditionally Hit Dice are used to reflect a character’s maximum hit points, but over the years new editions of the fantasy RPG have given the unique dice additional gameplay roles. Earlier this year Jeremy Crawford, the Principal Rules Designer for Dungeons & Dragons, revealed that there may be new official uses for Hit Dice coming in future rulebooks.

Dice have always been an essential aspect of Dungeons & Dragons, but Dicelings will make twenty-sided dice even more exciting to roll. These Hasbro toys can transform instantly into iconic DnD monsters, enhancing any fantasy battle with helpful visual aids. The Dicelings are available for pre-order now, so Dungeons & Dragons fans should act fast for a chance to obtain these monstrous pieces of merchandise.

Source: ComicBook.com, Entertainment Earth