Doctor Who Star Ncuti Gatwa Reveals What Villains He Wants To Face

Ncuti Gatwa reveals what recognizable and classic Doctor Who villains he wants to face when he takes on the role of the Fifteenth Doctor in 2023. The actor will lead the series in the Russell T Davies-helmed season 14, as well as in following seasons. Gatwa will take over the role following David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor’s tenure during the show’s 60th-anniversary celebrations in late 2023.

Announced as the next actor to portray the Time Lord in May, Gatwa is set to lead a new era of Doctor Who in 2023 alongside returning showrunner Davies for the revived series’ season 14 and beyond. While Gatwa will be preceded by returning actor Tennant for the majority of the show’s 60th-anniversary celebrations following the departure of Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker, the actor’s casting in the role has been met by praise from both audiences and previous stars of the franchise following the announcement. And after viewers got their first glimpse at Gatwa’s Doctor in a trailer released following the premiere of « The Power of the Doctor, » Gatwa has revealed some of the foes that he hopes to face during his adventures in the TARDIS.

In a video shared on the official Doctor Who Twitter account, Gatwa took part in a Q&A session where he answered questions about the series’ history, as well as revealed his hopes for his new era. When asked which villains he would like to face during his tenure, Gatwa stated that he hopes that his incarnation would face the terrifying Weeping Angels, as well as The Beast, a villain currently only seen in 2006’s two-part adventure, « The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit ». Check out Gatwa’s full quote below:

The Weeping Angels is always a classic, and they are just genuinely terrifying. I would love to battle the Beast, because what an ultimate villain that is the devil. And I don’t think you get much more evil than that.

While Davies’ return to Doctor Who will kick off with Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor facing a potentially familiar villain played by Neil Patrick Harris, there is little known about who Gatwa’s Doctor may encounter, due to his first season still being in early development. However, there are currently a number of existing Doctor Who foes that are thriving across the galaxy that could easily return during Gatwa’s adventures. Despite the universe-ending cataclysm seen in Doctor Who: Flux wiping out many of their forces, the Dalek Empire and Cybermen Legions are seemingly existing as powerful, well-known factions across the galaxy after being slowly reintroduced in Davies’ first few seasons. As such, it would not be hard to imagine that they could return to cause trouble for the Fifteenth Doctor. However, Davies teased his Doctor Who return plans, revealing that future stories during his era will tackle themes of climate change and how to respond to the issue in season 15. As such, Gatwa’s Doctor could also be faced with more human foes who either willingly destroy the natural universe, or unwittingly release an existing force with their actions, as seen with how the Silurians returned in 2010’s « The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. »

While Gatwa’s adventures as the Fifteenth Doctor are still in early development, viewers are sure to be interested in what foes the actor hopes to face during his time in Doctor Who. While the Weeping Angels have returned many times across the revived series, Gatwa’s choice of The Beast is sure to catch many longtime fans’ eyes, as despite the creature’s immense powers seen during the 2006 two-part story, the character has not returned since, making it a lesser-known villain. As audiences await Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor’s debut in 2023, many are sure to wonder what kind of foes he could encounter in Davies’ new era.

Source: Twitter