Doctor Who’s New Logo Looks Very Familiar

The new logo for Doctor Who has been revealed for the highly-anticipated season coming in 2023. The new series will see Ncuti Gatwa (of Sex Education fame) taking on the role approximately a year after the 13th Doctor ends her tenure. Before his debut in the show, which was previewed at the end of the last episode, there will be 3-anniversary specials in November to commemorate 60 years of Doctor Who, which will see the return of stars Catherine Tate and David Tennant, much to the surprise and delight of fans. This was revealed in the latest episode “The Power of the Doctor”, in which Jodie Whittaker utter her final words “Tag, you’re it” before transforming into a very confused Tennant in a huge twist.

The excitement around the future of Doctor Who has reached new heights since it was revealed that Russell T Davies would also be returning as showrunner for the 60th anniversary and beyond. Known as the man who revived Doctor Who in 2005, Davies has big plans for where he wants to take the show, which includes the transition between Tennant’s return and Gatwa taking over. After being away from the show for over a decade, Davies is taking back control from Chris Chibnall, who was not the most popular writer in recent Whovian history, bringing in the story of the Timeless Child which severely disrupted the previous lore. In a recent interview, Davies commented that he was returning to Doctor Who because this series has a way of renewing itself. This may also be why the showrunners have decided to renew a pre-existing logo for the upcoming episodes.

The updated logo for Doctor Who has been revealed on Twitter, although it appears to be more of a new take on an old classic. The new logo for the popular sci-fi series is bringing back the diamond shape that was last seen during Tom Baker’s tenure as the fourth Doctor in the 1970s. This diamond is very appropriate for what’s to come, with Doctor Who celebrating its 60th year in 2023, otherwise known as a diamond anniversary. Check it out the Tweet above.

Doctor Who’s logo has had many renditions over the years, with the 2005 reboot of the show providing the memorable shield-like badge that remained until 2010. From here, a new logo comprised of a D and W making the sides of the Tardis came into use, which, although this was only short-lived, has gone on to be a very recognizable symbol for the series. In 2012, a rearranged logo that featured the title in a thicker typeface, backed by the swirling vortex of space and time came into use, something that has been an ongoing theme throughout the remainder of the title card changes (with different fonts for each new era) up until the newest change which throws back to an old diamond-shaped favorite.

The fresh branding has been announced alongside the news that Doctor Who will now be streaming on Disney+ for international audiences, with the UK keeping it on BBC. The new ‘old school’ opening titles combined with a new platform will see the series going through a fresh start after the discrepancies of Chibnall’s run of the show, with many believing he failed the first female Doctor. From here, all audiences can be reassured that Doctor Who is returning to the old favorites, a familiar actor, a familiar logo, and a familiar showrunner that instills confidence in all Whovians that the show is returning to the greatness of its past.

Source: Twitter