Doctor Who’s New Rose Reveals Fresh Character Details

Speaking to Queerpiphany on MTV UK, Finney refers to her character as a « trans icon. » She also provides some new details about Rose, revealing the character’s age and circumstances. See what Finney has to say below:

[Rose is a] 15-year-old trans girl with a great, supportive family. Envision Heartstopper, but fighting aliens.

Finney’s comments seem simple on the surface, but her mention of a supportive family is telling, especially considering her last name. If Finney’s Rose does share a relation with Donna, it makes sense that Tate’s character, after having felt unheard by her mother for so much of her life, would in turn build up a loving and supportive family unit, modeled after her sweet grandfather Wilfred’s style of parenting. The fan theory that the new Rose is Donna’s daughter seems to hold a little more weight after what Finney has shared. Whether her character is related to Donna, a parallel version of Rose Tyler, or a completely original addition to Doctor Who, her casting and authentic portrayal of yet another trans character after her successful debut in Netflix’s queer coming-of-age series Heartstopper is a win for representation, especially considering Doctor Who’s massive fanbase.