Dwayne Johnson Shares A Sweet Message For Henry Cavill After Black Adam

WARNING: This article includes MAJOR spoilers from Black Adam.Dwayne Johnson has a sweet message to Superman star Henry Cavill after the conclusion of the Black Adam film. After several years of being stuck in development hell, Johnson’s Black Adam movie is finally out in theaters, bringing the iconic DC character into the DCEU. Initially set to appear in Shazam!, Johnson managed to convince Warner Bros. to let the two characters have their respective origin stories told in separate films before eventually duking it out on the big screen.

While Black Adam focused on Teth-Adam’s grim backstory and introduced the Justice Society of America, it also cemented itself into the larger DCEU. After having not donned the suit since 2017, Cavill reprised the role of Superman in Black Adam during a pivotal post-credits scene. But in the modern day of surprises sadly getting leaked, Superman’s big Black Adam cameo had already been spoiled online while also helping build more hype for Johnson’s DCEU installment. After defeating the Intergang organization and being forced to remain in Kahndaq, per Amanda Waller’s order, the Man of Steel emerged in the final seconds, establishing that Black Adam isn’t the only powerful being on this planet.

During the Black Adam red carpet premiere, it was already known amongst the press that Cavill’s Superman was going to make a big appearance in the post-credits scene. When interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, Johnson managed to give a sweet message to Cavill’s Superman without actually spelling out that he is in the film. For Johnson and his Seven Bucks production company, DC fans are at the center of something as massive as Black Adam and taking in what it is they want to see in the larger DCEU, with Cavill’s Superman being one of them. While reflecting on the long journey Johnson has had to take in getting Black Adam from page to screen; the Hollywood mega-star welcomed Cavill back to the DCEU in the following statement:

“Well, here’s what I can tell you. I can tell you that the whole goal and initiative of Black Adam was to build out the DC Universe by introducing not only Black Adam but the entire JSA. Five new superhero characters in one movie. And also as I have been saying all along, there’s an ethos that we at Seven Bucks have, myself, my cofounders Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia, and that is we always put the fans first. The audience comes first. So for years, audiences have been so passionate and vocal. We’ve established Black Adam as the most powerful and unstoppable force on our planet. But the fans have been so passionate about, as we have been, where’s the most unstoppable force in the universe? Where is he? » Well, just like I fought hard for ‘Black Adam’ for fifteen years, Dany has been fighting for six years, Hiram has been fighting for six years, we’ve all been fighting for this moment. So, I will say this, ‘Welcome home!’”

The lengths that Johnson went to make Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam show how dedicated he is to not just Superman in the DCEU but also the actor’s portrayal of the Man of Steel. For years, many have hoped that Cavill would eventually return to the DCEU as Superman, but due to the many shake-ups and tension going on behind DC Films, the actor’s version of the DC icon was simply benched. But it looks as if those days are starting to come to a head, with most of the previous Warner Bros. regime and former DC Films boss Walter Hamada out of the picture. One of the things Johnson has made clear is that he pays attention to the fanbase, which shows a lot in Black Adam as a finished product.

Knowing that there was a desire to see Cavill’s Superman back in the DCEU, Johnson went above Hamada’s head to the Warner Bros. Pictures bosses is the ultimate gesture of support. Without Johnson, this wouldn’t have happened. With the film out in theaters, time will tell what will become of the Black Adam franchise and where they will go with that massive post-credits scene, as the DCEU movie ended with Cavill and Johnson’s characters sharing an intense moment. Hopefully, should Black Adam be a success, it won’t be long until Johnson’s titular anti-hero and Cavill’s Superman come together on the big screen once again.

Source: Entertainment Now