Dwayne Johnson Wants To See Idris Elba As The Next James Bond

Dwayne Johnson shares his pick for the next James Bond, joining the masses who are hoping to one day see Idris Elba play 007. More than a year on from Daniel Craig’s official departure from the role of Bond, discussions surrounding who will be his successor are yet to lose momentum. Craig first appeared in the role in 2006’s Casino Royale, before his fifth and final mission in last year’s No Time To Die brought audiences the first ever on-screen Bond death, as Craig closed the door on the role for good.

Long before Craig’s final performance, the internet had been alight with speculation as to who could take over this highly coveted role. Many famous faces have seen their names thrown around when it comes to these discussions, including Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Regé-Jean Page, with many other British actors often asked about their interest in playing the role during interviews. While the search for the next Bond is currently underway, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently shared that it’s expected to be a long time until any official announcements are made. In the meantime, however, Johnson has cast his vote for the next 007.

During a recent interview with LADBible to promote his latest blockbuster, Black Adam, Johnson revealed that he would love to see Elba take on the iconic role. Johnson shared that he likes the idea of Elba playing Bond, stating that he is an « advocate » for the casting. The actor also shared that he can’t see himself playing a Bond villain and that he’d much prefer the role of Bond, before joking that an American Bond could happen. Check out Johnson’s quote below.

I do like the idea of my boy Idris Elba being Bond though, right? I like that idea a lot, so I’m an advocate for that, for him as Bond.

Despite Elba being among the most popular choices for the role of James Bond, recent confirmations about the future of the role have made his casting seem somewhat unlikely. Detailing their search for the new 007, the Bond producers revealed that they’re looking to cast a 30-something Bond this time around, unfortunately ruling out a number of fan-favorites, including Elba who recently turned 50. Elba is not likely to have been saddened by this news, however, as the actor previously shared that he wasn’t interested in the role and was, equally, no longer interested in discussing it.

Given the expected 10-12 year commitment that will come with taking over the role of Bond, its understandable why any actor could be hesitant to commit to it, though, Johnson is certainly not alone in his sentiments as many would still love to see Elba don the iconic tuxedo. There is still some time to go until Craig’s successor is revealed and until any concrete information is confirmed the fan-casting is only likely to continue with Elba’s name at the center, even after the actor confirmed his disinterest. As the Bond producers continue their search for the next James Bond, there is always the option for Elba to enter the franchise as a Bond villain instead.

Source: LADBible