Elizabeth Olsen Responds to House of the Dragon Season 2 Cast Rumors

WandaVision star, Elizabeth Olsen, responds to House of the Dragon season 2 casting rumors. Set approximately 200 years before the events of the hit HBO television show Game of Thrones, the new fantasy-drama series focuses on the growing conflict within the silver-haired dragon-riding House Targaryen during their reign over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. After Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is named heir to the Iron Throne, many within the king’s counsel and her family believe the decision is an affront to patriarchal tradition and conspire to name a male heir instead.

Although Olsen began her career at a very young age, acting beside her popular twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, she carved her own path as an adult in acclaimed-films such as Martha Marcy May Marlene and Kill Your Darlings. However, she became a household name once she joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wanda Maximoff in the 2015 superhero team-up movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Earlier this month, gossip websites grabbed hold of a rumor that both Olsen and The Witcher’s Henry Cavill were in talks to join House of the Dragon. The news spread quickly over social media, with people speculating how she would fit into the show.

Now, Olsen responded to rumors to being cast in House of the Dragon season 2. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor explained that she had previously auditioned for Game of Thrones in hopes to land the Khaleesi role. However, Olsen claimed that she has no idea how such rumors get started as she has not attempted to join the spinoff show at all. Read what Olsen revealed in the interview below:

Olsen: Yeah. I mean, sure. I don’t know how…rumors like that get started and people think they’re legitimate.

ET: I think dream-casting is just so fun.

Olsen: Dream-casting is fun. I heard that it was announced, though. Which is weirder…From someone with a blue check, I heard. When I did my Variety interview for tonight.

ET: And you are here to confirm that you are not officially in any Game of Thrones projects?

Olsen: I mean, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

ET: But you’d be open to joining? The Marvel world has such loyal fans. The Game of Thrones world has such loyal fans. Does that intrigue you?

Olsen: Sure. Anything that’s worth telling. That’s a good story, that’s innovative, that [has] great characters. Yeah. Sure.

Barring an official release from HBO or an announcement from a reputable source, casting rumors revealed on gossip sites or through social media should be taken with a grain of salt. Olsen clearly explained that she had never attempted to join House of the Dragon, however, she admitted that she is open to joining the Game of Thrones universe in the future. As House of the Dragon ramps up with its central Targaryen conflict, there are still years of story left to tell opening up more than enough roles for Olsen to join in a role later in the series. With George R.R. Martin and HBO working together to create an MCU-style shared universe within the author’s fantasy world, Olsen can also find a role suitable for her talents in a different future project.

Apart from House of the Dragon, Martin and HBO are developing three additional live-action series that Olsen could join to include a Jon Snow sequel, a Tales of Dunk and Egg series based on Martin’s novellas, and a series about the nine voyages of the Sea Snake. If Olsen preferred only providing her voice to the Game of Thrones universe, there are three animated spinoffs also in the works. With multiple Game of Thrones projects set with HBO and House of the Dragon only just getting underway, Olsen has plenty of opportunities to explore a role in the land of Westeros.

Source: ET