Even The Boys Secretly Respects One Iconic Spider-Man Moment

Despite The Boys’ stark criticism of superheroes, it seems that one of the most notable Spider-Man moments is actually quite appreciated. A cover for The Boys: Dear Becky #5 reveals how one iconic wall-crawler pose is too good for even the team to take issue with.

Marvel fans may recall a certain moment in 2002’s Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi when Peter Parker comes across the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson. After saving Mary Jane from a group of attackers, a maskless Spider-Man ducks into a nearby alleyway to protect his secret identity. Spider-Man and Mary Jane share an intimate moment together that culminates in Mary Jane uncovering Peter’s mouth and engaging in a kiss while Spider-Man is suspended upside down. The moment became one of the film’s most iconic scenes and has been replicated in subsequent movies and Spider-Man comics.

And apparently, the moment is so genuine that even The Boys can’t find fault with it. In fact, artist Darick Robertson used Spider-Man’s liplock as the basis for a cover of The Boys’ sequel series, Dear Becky. The Boys: Dear Becky #5 shows Annie January, aka the Seven’s Starlight, and her boyfriend, the Boys’ “Wee” Hughie Campbell in a pose quite similar to the one from Sam Raimi’s film. Like the Spider-Man movie, Starlight is upside down in the air, and is engaged in a passionate kiss with Hughie. A giant heart symbol glows in the background, showing off just how sweet the couple is on one another. There isn’t any rain or attackers for Starlight to fend off. Just her and Hughie in a pose fit for a Supe and their main love interest.

Why The Boys Gives Spider-Man Proper Respect

It’s no secret that The Boys has a few issues with the entire superhero genre. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys pulls no punches when it comes to its blunt critiques in the form of obvious parodies of notable heroes. Whether it lampoons Captain America as a cowardly wretch or Superman as the psychotic Homelander, the Supes all serve as targets for The Boys’ brutal takedown of the superhero genre. While there are some heroes that do portray heroism in a more positive light, the vast majority of Marvel and DC’s characters are shown in very negative way. However, Spider-Man seems to avoid that based off one aspect of his character.

If there’s one thing The Boys plays straight, it’s Starlight and Hughie’s relationship. Throughout the entire story, the couple is one of the few positive things in an overly cynical universe. Hughie and Starlight have a few bumps in the road, sure, but their bond is supportive and loving. What better way to reaffirm how deeply the two care for one another than by replicating the most passionate superhero smooches of all time? The Boys may have a few things to say about other heroes, but it has a hard time finding fault with Spider-Man’s notable kiss scene.