Finrod Might Still Be Alive In Rings Of Power (According To Tolkien Canon)

Though much of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1 plot stems from the death of Galadriel’s brother, Finrod, Tolkien canon deems that the elf is still alive and waiting in Valinor. This would have significant impact on the story if it were to be adopted into the Prime Video series, since Galadriel’s motivation for defeating Sauron is to avenge her brother. Of course, there’s always a chance that The Rings of Power will leave this more obscure detail of Galadriel’s history out, especially since Finrod’s story was already changed considerably.

The Rings of Power season 1 started by showing Galadriel’s close relationship with Finrod when they lived in Valinor. However, after the war against the Dark Lord Morgoth broke out, Finrod was shown to have been killed by Sauron. Even after this war was concluded, Galadriel was determined to get revenge for her brother’s murder and vowed that she wouldn’t return to Valinor until Sauron’s power was flushed entirely from Middle-earth. This has been the propelling force to Galadriel’s story, but if the series follows Tolkien canon to continue Finrod’s tale, she may have a surprise in store.

Finrod Was Resurrected & Returned To Valinor In Tolkien Canon

Though much of Galadriel’s story is changed for The Rings of Power, Finrod really was killed by Sauron in J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, including The Silmarillion. However, death works differently for Elves than it does for the other races of Middle-earth. His soul was sent to the Halls of Mandos, and because of his valiant actions in life, Finrod was allowed to be resurrected and returned to Valinor.

Little else is known about Finrod’s life after death in Valinor other than the fact that he was reunited with his love, Amarië, and his father, Finarfin. Tolkien’s works aren’t even entirely clear about whether Galadriel ever found out that her brother was still alive until she returned to Valinor after the events of The Lord of the Rings. Therefore, the end of Finrod’s story regarding Galadriel exists in a gray area. This means that The Rings of Power has a lot of freedom in how it will apply this to the series. Of course, it could disregard Finrod’s resurrection entirely, especially since so much has already been changed.

Rings Of Power Had Already Changed Finrod’s Story

Finrod’s The Rings of Power counterpart may not have been shown much, but his plot is already very different from The Silmarillion. First, Finrod’s personality when he was shown in Valinor is different than it was typically seen in Tolkien’s works. His advice to Galadriel about « touching the darkness » contradicts the pure nature that allowed him to be resurrected after his death. Also, Galadriel never made a vow in canon to avenge Finrod. Instead, she made a personal vow to eradicate all evil.

Additionally, the most significant part of Finrod’s story was omitted from The Rings of Power. The Silmarils, which were precious jewels made from the light of the Two Trees of Valinor, were the center of the conflict between several groups of elves and the Dark Lord Morgoth. However, they have so far been mostly absent from the series. Since the foundation of Finrod’s story arc and his most significant achievement have been mostly ignored, it’s hard to say how much more of Finrod’s The Rings of Power story will adhere to Tolkien canon.

Rings Of Power Can Still Use Finrod’s Resurrection To Further Galadriel’s Conflict

At first look, it seems unlikely that Finrod’s resurrection would be included in The Rings of Power. Galadriel’s entire character arc starts with her vow to avenge her brother, and if Finrod were still alive, it could diminish her goals. Furthermore, audiences already know that Galadriel won’t return to Valinor until after Frodo destroys the One Ring at the end of the Third Age (several centuries after The Rings of Power). This in mind, it seems borderline impossible that Galadriel could ever find out that her brother is waiting for her in Valinor.

Still, the reveal that Finrod is still alive could add an exciting element to Galadriel’s decision to stay in Middle-earth until Sauron is destroyed. The idea that her brother is in Valinor would make the appeal of the paradise where she was born even greater. Plus, this would make it seem as if Galadriel could release herself from her vow. If this plot were to be used in the Rings of Power, Sauron would likely make these exact points. Possibly, the Dark Lord, previously known to Galadriel as Halbrand, will find out about Finrod’s fate first and use it to try to get Galadriel out of his way.

The Rings Of Power Season 1 Celeborn Reveal Already Hints At Surprises For Galadriel

Regardless of whether The Rings of Power uses Finrod’s canon resurrection in future seasons, Galadriel has already been set up to see some surprises in the life-and-death department. Season 1 revealed that Galadriel had already married Celeborn, but that, for some reason, she believes him to be dead. Of course, audiences know this is not true—since she is seen to be living happily with him in Lothlórien in The Lord of the Rings. So, at some point in future seasons of The Rings of Power, Celeborn is set to make a grand return.

It would certainly be a happy day for Galadriel if she could learn that both her husband and brother are still alive. However, this seems like an unrealistic amount of good fortune. Since Celeborn will return from the dead (or somehow have never died at all), Finrod’s canon story will likely be ignored. Of course, like Arwen replaced the elf Glorfindel in Lord of the Rings, it could be that Celeborn will fill the shoes of Finrod’s resurrection story. This way, Tolkien’s story will still make it to The Rings of Power—but with a different character.