Game Of Thrones Book Winds Of Winter Is 75% Done, Says George RR Martin

Games of Thrones author George R.R. Martin says his next book Winds of Winter is 75% done. The novel is the long-anticipated next installment in the series of epic fantasy books titled A Song of Ice and Fire. The book series originated in 1996 and was famously adapted into the hugely acclaimed Game of Thrones series on HBO. A prequel series, HBO’s House of The Dragon, premiered in September to critical and commercial success.

Game of Thrones first debuted in 2011 and quickly became a hit with audiences. However, in its fifth season, the story caught up with the books and needed to surpass the novels in subsequent seasons. Martin informed the series writers on the broad strokes of where he planned on taking the story. Nevertheless, the quality of the show suffered, and its final season came as a disappointment to fans and critics alike. Meanwhile, the end of Game of Thrones has veered attention back onto Martin’s book series which currently remains unfinished. The latest book in the literary franchise, A Dance with Dragons, was published back in 2011.

George R.R. Martin gave an update on the progress of the upcoming Game of Thrones book, Winds of Winter. The author revealed that he is about three-quarters into the novel in a live stream arranged by Penguin House following the season finale of House of The Dragon, Radio Times reports. Martin answers questions surrounding his upcoming book, and while he is hesitant to give any solid release dates for fear of disappointing restless fans, he states that Winds of Winter will be the longest installment yet and could run the risk of being split in half by his publishers. Martin also confirms that he has not yet begun work on the presumed final installment, A Dream of Summer.

Despite the decade-long wait, readers may have another reason fueling their eagerness. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones inspired huge disappointment and even outrage among most viewers. The season was criticized for its lack of depth and for speeding up the measured pace of the show. Following the disappointment surrounding the finale of Game of Thrones, Martin assured audiences that the upcoming books would take a significantly different direction. Despite this, Martin has promised to take the time he needs to do the story right, no matter how many volumes it may take.

Fans of both the book and TV series are getting hungry for a continuation of the Song of Ice and Fire. Anticipation will continue to rise the longer Martin takes to complete the series, as he faces the difficult task of ending a long-form story with a rabid fan base, especially following the failure of the television series to do so. Audiences may need to wait a while longer before they can decide which Game of Thrones ending they like best. Despite being 75% done, it seems unlikely that Winds of Winter could hit shelves until late 2024 at the earliest. It still needs to be finished and go through an editing and printing process. Until then, audiences can find some satisfaction by going back to the beginning with House of The Dragon.

Source: Radio Times