George’s Upcoming Death Ruins 1 Young Sheldon Season 6 Georgie Moment

Warning! SPOILERS about Young Sheldon season 6, episode 13 ahead.George Sr.’s death was long established by The Big Bang Theory and deeply impacted Sheldon, but it must have been particularly terrible for Georgie too, and Young Sheldon season 6, episode 13 highlighted that by having George’s upcoming death loom over a sweet moment. While The Big Bang Theory prequel spinoff consistently proved kinder and more understanding in the depiction of the Cooper patriarch compared to the parent series, slightly deviating from what TBBT established, George Sr.’s death is immutable, as it will drastically change the Coopers’ lives when it happens. Still, George’s upcoming death risks tinging all of George’s interactions with sadness, especially as the event draws near.

However, while The Big Bang Theory always clarified how George’s shocking death affected Sheldon, it only ever glimpsed at how badly the rest of the Coopers took it. TBBT might have only used him to share Georgie’s bullying of Sheldon, but Young Sheldon’s nature as a family-oriented show meant that the Cooper family’s dynamics would have been just as central to Young Sheldon as every character’s dynamic with Sheldon. This makes Young Sheldon particularly apt for foreshadowing George’s death by having George mention all the things he wished to do in the future, but audiences know he can’t, even if that imbues bittersweetness in George’s interactions with his kids.

George’s Death Won’t Let George See Georgie With His Kid In Young Sheldon

Missy’s lying about where she was, gave George and Georgie a chance to discuss Georgie and Mandy’s kid. Although their exchange was comical because of Georgie’s hasty comments about George’s parenting and George’s quips at Georgie’s haphazardly confident outlook on parenthood, their conversation turned dark as soon as George offhandedly said, “I just can’t wait till you’re a dad. » What was only a cheeky remark about Georgie’s abilities and the challenges ahead for him to George and Georgie became a reminder for audiences that George won’t see Georgie’s parenting.

George’s death getting close in Young Sheldon means that George will probably see Georgie with his newborn daughter, but he’ll never revel in Georgie facing the challenges of raising a teenager. While this pales in comparison with the things Mary, Missy, Sheldon, and especially Georgie will have to face after George’s death, the innocent exchange gives Young Sheldon a chance to highlight the little things that will be lost once George dies. Indeed, George’s death will be traumatic for the loss the Coopers will experience, but also for the little things and everyday joys it will rob them of when George won’t be able to poke fun at his kids.

How Young Sheldon’s George Reveal Makes It Sadder Even For Georgie

Georgie’s side of the aftermath of George’s death in The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 23 underlined how difficult that period was for Georgie because he had to take care of Mary and Missy while Sheldon was abroad, trying to be stronger for everybody. However, George’s impending death in Young Sheldon will also have an impact on Georgie’s feelings and experiences he won’t get to have. Not only will Georgie assume the role of the head of the household, taking care of everyone else, but he will also lose out on having George’s support and help to raise his and Mandy’s daughter.

Young Sheldon already painted a picture of George as a present father, so he would have been there to help Georgie with his childrearing problems if he could. Young Sheldon season 6, episode 13’s George and Georgie conversation essentially acknowledged that while George’s death will be difficult because of Georgie’s increased responsibilities, it will rob him of a supportive and helpful father. The reveal makes Georgie’s The Big Bang Theory story sadder and his Young Sheldon future heartbreaking because of George’s death’s meaning.