Ghostface Taunts Scream Fans After Alleged Scream 6 Trailer Leak

Ghostface officially responds to the fanmade « leaked » trailer for Scream 6. The currently untitled film is the upcoming fifth sequel to the 1996 meta slasher classic Scream and a direct sequel to the previous film, the 2022 entry also titled Scream. It will follow many of Scream’s surviving characters, including Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmine Savoy Brown), her brother Chad (Mason Gooding), Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega), and Scream 4 fan favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), to New York City, where a brand-new set of Ghostface murders takes place.

This week, a supposed snippet from a leaked trailer for Scream 6 has popped up in various places across the Internet. The trailer features Ghostface calling a young woman named Emily and asking her what door he is hiding behind. While this happens, a night vision security camera moves on its own to watch her, with the footage being presented onscreen. However, the Scream 6 trailer was later proved to be fan-made.

On Twitter, Scream fan Tristan posted about the fan-made trailer, reporting the alleged leak and sharing information about its contents. In response, the official Scream Twitter account said, in character as Ghostface, « It’s good to see the fans taking a stab at my trailer. » This confirms what most fans had already revealed in their research, which is that this clip is from an unsubstantiated fan source.

When Will The Scream 6 Trailer Release?

Now that the leaked trailer has been proven to be a sham, the question remains. When will the official trailer and title for the hotly anticipated Scream 6 be revealed? Considering the fact that Halloween weekend is fast approaching, many fans have theorized that the actual trailer will be released within the next few days.

However, when considering the precedent set by the previous film, it could still be some time before a trailer drops. Scream 2022 was released on January 14 of this year, and its trailer didn’t debut until October 12, 2021. The official release date for Scream 6 is March 31, 2023, so if they stay consistent with the marketing for the previous entry, it’s possible they will delay releasing the trailer until the holiday season. However, the Scream 2022 trailer was released with an unusually short window between the trailer and the film itself, so it’s possible that Scream 6 is ready to rev up its marketing machine slightly earlier. Fans will simply have to wait patiently until Halloween to see if Ghostface has a trick up his sleeve.

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