Gossip Girl Season 2 Images Reveal Georgina Sparks Return

New Gossip Girl season 2 images confirm that Georgina Sparks will indeed be making her return. The HBO Max reboot premiered in July 2021 and follows an entirely new group of characters within the original Gossip Girl universe who all attend the same preppy high schools on the Upper East Side. Though the series has not gained the critical success of its source material, Gossip Girl was greenlit for season 2. Though the show has made many nods and references toward original Gossip Girl main characters, and includes Kristen Bell as the narrator once again, only supporting characters such as Blair Waldorf’s stepfather Cyrus and her maid Dorota have made actual appearances.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina Sparks was an infamous character on the original Gossip Girl. Introduced as Serena van der Woodsen’s troublemaking friend, Georgina’s appearances on the show usually coincided with some of the series’ messiest plot lines, such as convincing Dan Humphrey that he was the father to her son, Milo (who later makes an appearance as Zoya Lott’s accomplice in the reboot). Following her son becoming an integral character, Gossip Girl hinted at a Georgina Sparks return in a teaser from June.

Now Georgina’s return is official, as she makes her grand return in new Gossip Girl season 2 images released by Teen Vogue. The photo depicts Georgina all dressed up and seemingly plotting at a fancy event. It has also been confirmed that Gossip Girl season 2 will premiere on December 1 on HBO Max. The other images depict the main Gossip Girl group at school, and mean girls Luna La and Monet de Haan dressed up at an event (perhaps the same one attended by Georgina).

On the original Gossip Girl, Georgina had a tendency to turn up right when the characters seemed to be drama-free. It’s likely her appearance in the revival will come at a similar time. With Serena’s ostensible series counterpart Julien Calloway teaming up with the titular blogger at the end of Gossip Girl season 1, Georgina’s return could complicate the deal she struck. It’s likely Georgina will join, or at least support, her son Milo in his endeavors, which means she could also develop a connection to Zoya too. As Georgina is of a different generation than the core Gossip Girl characters, though, it isn’t entirely clear how she will fit into the ensemble.

One possible option is through the reboot’s storyline of the teachers running Gossip Girl’s social media. The original series saw Georgina take over the Gossip Girl site for a time, and perhaps now she wants to see more of what has become of the scandal-driven empire. It might even be more entertaining to include her in the teachers’ secret. Whatever her role will be, Georgina always means drama is just around the corner, so Gossip Girl season 2 should be an entertaining ride.

Source: Teen Vogue