Gotham Knights Crafting Guide: How To Make New Suits & Weapons

Developer WB Games Montréal newest title Gotham Knights sees players take on the role of Gotham’s defenders as they craft new suits and weapons to better combat the criminals of the city. Depending on which hero players start with in Gotham Knights, the challenge posed by supervillains and their gangs only grows stronger as the game progresses. Upgraded weapons and state-of-the-art crime-fighting suits give players the opportunity to fight toe to toe with the increasingly dangerous underworld of Gotham.

There are two methods that Gotham Knights offers players in regard to new suits and weapons: crafting and natural drops. Completing challenge objectives sometimes grants players new items outright instead of forcing them to commit to the crafting rules in place. However, crafting remains the better way to customize specific heroes to better serve a definitive playstyle, as each character in Gotham Knights have upgradable Skill Trees that emphasize certain approaches to combat. For example, a player looking to find a new weapon to better serve Red Hood’s Elemental Abilities in Gotham Knights would be better off crafting the exact weapon or suit they need in place of relying on luck from a drop.

Whereas weapons are pretty straightforward in Gotham Knights, being divided into melee or ranged, suits are a tad more complicated. Even though each hero may have one type of suit equipped, players may also customize them through Transmogs. These associated parts change the aesthetic look of the suit being worn, a completely cosmetic change that doesn’t affect the other properties of the suit. Mods are additional pieces to suits and weapons too, changing certain properties such as bolstering damage or supporting Gotham Knights’ co-op gameplay choices.

While players are defeating the criminals of Gotham Knights, many will drop blueprints for craftable new weapons and suits, which then can be crafted in the Gear Menu of the Batcomputer at the Belfry base. The blueprints list materials players must collect before they are able to construct the desired weapon or suit. Thankfully, all materials for crafting are easily found within Gotham, designated by certain sections on the map.

Weapons have stats that indicate how strong they are in comparison to each other, which holds true for suits as well. Rarity determines the quality of the suit or weapon, a fact that blueprints state outright when players inspect them. Whether picked up at one of Gotham Knights’ Villain Events or during a normal patrol through the city, these blueprints also indicate the other properties tied to every item they could build. Every suit has separate sections, called the Cowl, Symbol, Gloves, and Boots that have their own gear related to them.

Suits have properties called Level, Power, Armor, Health, Momentum Generation, and Elemental Armor and Resistance. While most of these stats are fairly simple to understand, with Power being tied to extra damage while wearing the suit, Momentum Generation refers to a specific move a hero has that generates faster based on this suit score. On the other hand, weapons have Level, Power, Damage, Critical Chance, and Elemental Effect Build Up stats that inform players of their strength and damage potential. For instance, the Elemental Abilities of Robin in Gotham Knights go hand in hand with how effective their weapon’s Elemental Effect Build Up score happens to be, emphasizing to players the importance of crafting new suits and weapons whenever they can.