Gotham Knights Elemental Effects Guide: All Enemy Weaknesses Explained

No action RPG is complete without an array of elemental attacks that certain enemies are weak to, and Gotham Knights is no exception. In-game, the player explores Gotham as one of four members of the four playable heroes in Gotham Knights, trying to carry Batman’s legacy after his death. There are plenty of enemies and criminals to beat up along the way, and the best way to do that is with elemental effects.

The game has five elements: Concussive, Cryogenic, Toxic, Bioelectric, and Incendiary. Each element in Gotham Knights has a unique effect and builds up on an enemy when hit. A circle above the enemy’s health bar will fill up as the element does and applies a specific effect once completed. Most enemies have an elemental weakness, take bonus damage when attacked by that element, and take less damage if they resist an element. Fighting an enemy with elemental damage they are resistant to can be an exercise in frustration, so the player should use Gotham Knights’ crafting system to make several elemental weapons they can switch depending on the enemies they face.

Concussive is the physical element of Gotham Knights, and enemies suffering from it are stunned and won’t move for a bit. Overall an underwhelming element that isn’t that useful outside of weaknesses.

Bioelectric shocks afflict enemies and interrupt their movements. Only a few enemies are weak to it, and Regulators -as opposed to Mr. Freeze Regulators- don’t show up much. It’s useful, but not the best of elements.

The Cryogenic element freezes enemies in place and makes them take extra damage while frozen. If a player has unlocked Nightwing’s elemental ability in Gotham Knights with the Pack Leader skill tree, they can freeze multiple enemies from range and then deal massive amounts of damage or just use it to remove them from the fight.

The Incendiary element has several enemies weak to it. Enemies afflicted with it take damage over time and don’t do anything but try to put the fire out. Fortunately, only a few enemies are resistant, making it a very versatile element to use.

Toxic is the poison element that applies a damage-over-time effect to afflicted enemies. Robin’s element abilities in Gotham Knights make him well suited to this element as he can rapidly inflict it on even the League of Shadows. While it does less damage to resistant enemies, passive damage is nothing to scoff at, and it stops League of Shadows enemies from vanishing with their smoke bombs.