Gotham Knights: How to Solve The Owl Puzzle (Mission 2.2)

Mission 2.2 of Gotham Knights sees players solve an Owl Puzzle in order to delve deeper into the underground base of the main antagonists, the Court of Owls. After the death of Batman in Gotham Knights, it’s up to the prodigies of the Bat-family to stop the nefarious workings of the criminal underworld of Gotham City, which brings them into opposition to the Court. Players will eventually continue the main narrative until reaching a location called the Powers Club in the Old Gotham district, which leads into a secret base following a trail of blood.

For players to invade the Owls’ den by solving the Puzzle, they must use the rotating mechanisms to project a shadow of an owl across an adjacent mural. The room where the puzzle sits has a table in the center, with four raised objects that are made visible by a spotlight that casts their shadows. Similar to the historical sculpted walls that define Talon Cache locations in Gotham Knights, the mural on the bricks where the spotlight points is the key viewing point players must pay attention to when attempting to find a solution to the puzzle.

There are four switches attached to four bronze owl parts in Mission 2.2 of Gotham Knights, each connected to the creature’s limb. Players need to have the full structure of the owl facing to their right when operating the switches so that the shadow fully displays on the mural wall. Although a bit hard to notice at first, yellow lines show up on the floor next to the switches when players have rotated the owl limb in the correct position.

For players looking to delve further into Gotham Knights’ detective gameplay, an alternate method of solving the Owl Puzzle does exist. Using the AR scanning device that comes as standard equipment for aspiring detectives of Gotham reveals hidden gears underneath the floorboards of the chamber. The gears correlate to the switch mechanisms that rotate the owl parts and must be aligned in the same direction to open the subsequent pathway. The aforementioned yellow lines also become far more visible using this system, making it easy for players to simply pay attention to the gears and lines rather than the shadow itself. Traveling further into the depths of the Court of Owls’ base after solving the Owl Puzzle in Mission 2.2 reveals much about their involvement with Batman before his death, showcasing the secret weapon of Gotham Knights and its surprising villains.