Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Fast Travel

Sometimes traveling around Gotham City on the Batcycle in Gotham Knights just doesn’t cut it, and fast travel is needed to move around with any efficiency. Like many open-world action RPGs, there are various fast travel points scattered around Gotham that the player can travel between, no matter which member of the Gotham Knights Bat Family they’re playing as. Once unlocked, this lets the player teleport from case to case, getting in a good amount of playtime on a tight schedule.

However, these fast travel points don’t just unlock once the player gets close to them. Not only are they eight points scattered across the map, but there are also specific tasks the player will need to complete. Like so many games, the developers want the player to explore their world and engaged with Gotham Knights’ mechanics and setting. So at first players will be stuck grappling ledges, racing through the streets on their Batcycle, and being grim watchers of the night in a city constantly shrouded in rainfall as they progress through the game’s story.

Once the player has progressed past the first part of the second case file, several hours into Gotham Knights’ main story, they’ll receive a message from Lucius Fox over in Otisburg offering his help. Head on over to his company headquarters, Foxteca HQ, and talk to him on the roof. Fox will show off his new mechanical glider which let the player travel around Gotham at the speed of flight. However, with the death of both Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the GCPD has deployed drones throughout the city that will shoot down the glider. Fortunately, hacking and cyber warfare is old hat for the Bat Family.

Every Fast Travel point has one to three drones patrolling around it, and despite being cutting-edge police gear used to oversee large parts of the city, they can be hacked with just a simple scan of the player’s AR device. A simple design choice and not nearly as strange as Gotham Knights’ same-character co-op. Once the drone is scanned, the player will be able to fly into that area of the city with ease.

It doesn’t stay that simple, however. As the player unlocks more Fast Travel points, they’ll find that the GCPD has installed shielding technology onto their spy bots, and the only way to properly scan them will be when the drones dock at a recharge station. This can make the whole process tedious and needlessly long as the drones slowly patrol around, but it’s simple and low stakes. Then again, the player might consider it needless busywork tacked onto a game that is already repetitive in places. Still, Gotham Knights is a good game well worth the player’s time, even with the repetition.