Gotham Knights: How To Unlock New Batcycle Styles

Gotham Knights offers players tons of different ways to customize their appearance, and even provides skins and colorways for the trusty Batcycle! It can take a while to beat Gotham Knights, and having a new appearance and a slick ride will go a long way to keep the game from feeling too samey. But while there are a number of different colorways to unlock for the Batcycle, there’s currently only one alternate skin.

Gotham Knights continues the long tradition of offering player preorder-exclusive cosmetics and bonuses. As soon as they start the game players who preordered it will be able to switch their Batcycle between the default Interceptor skin and the preorder-bonus 233 Kustom skin. They’ll also, like everyone else, be able to preview how the 31 different colorways look on their noble steed, but won’t be able to equip them just yet. Not until they go to the races.

While some players might be happy just performing wheelies in Gotham Knights, those wanting to do so in style will need to complete the Batcycle Time Trials scattered across the map. Each time trial will unlock a few of the colorways, and completing all of them will also unlock the Bat Out Of Hell achievement. These trials don’t become available until the player has completed the third Case in the game’s main storyline, after which they can be spawned one at a time from the Belfry. However, if the crime-ridden Gotham is experiencing too much crime (when is it not?), the trial won’t appear and the player will need to go crack some heads.

While the different colorways can be the main impetus behind taking these Trials, they provide a nice break from Gotham Knights’ repetitive combat and uncooperative loot system. There are seven of them, and after one is complete the next one can be spawned from the Belfry. Once the player has done so, they’ll just need to go to the location marked on their map by a motorcycle.

Any of the four playable heroes in Gotham Knights can complete these missions, so there’s no reason not to go out and tear up the streets of Gotham.