Gotham Knights: Mod Chip Guide

As players fight crime in Gotham Knights, WB Games Montréal’s latest open-world action RPG, they are able to find Mod Chips to upgrade their suits and weapons with extra modifiers to best combat the escalating enemies throughout the game’s narrative. Making suits or weapons in Gotham Knights becomes more complex with the added Mod Chips, which may be fused together to increase stats on current gear or create a new score entirely. As a result, players can grow overwhelmed by the sheer scale of Mod Chip possibilities.

Much like normal gear in Gotham Knights, Mod Chips are found in the six tiers of rarity that indicate the item’s strength. Common Mod Chips are labeled with white color, Uncommon with green, Rare with Blue, Epic with Purple, Heroic with Orange, and Legendary with Yellow. Legendary suits or weapons evolve as players continue to use them, giving a bigger opportunity for growth in conjunction with which Mod Chip players have chosen to equip. Mod Chips will also have a distinct functionality in Gotham Knights’ upcoming 4-player co-op by naturally upgrading Legendary gear.

Mod Chips are applied to the three pieces of gear players collect for one of the four individual playable heroes in Gotham Knights. Divided into Suit, Melee, and Ranged, a few pieces of rarer gear are capable of holding multiple Mod Chips at once, bolstering the power of Gotham’s prodigies even further. Mod Chips apply certain passive effects to pre-existing aspects of the suit or weapon they are attached to, but in some instances, they create a statistic that wasn’t there before. For example, one Mod Chip on Robin’s Suit may increase his Health by a designated amount, yet another Mod may give Red Hood’s weapon Elemental Abilities in Gotham Knights that were not present initially.

Players struggling to utilize Mod Chips in Gotham Knights best should recognize the discoverable Mod Chips through missions, the ability to equip Mods at the Batcomputer, and that Mod Chips can fuse. Additionally, any type of crime players discover during their traversal of Gotham has the possibility of dropping a random Mod Chip as a collectible reward. Side quests and mission chains also offer more clarified Mod Chips for the completion of their objective goals, giving an optional earning that suits players looking for individual suit or weapon upgrade possibilities.

No matter how long Gotham Knights takes to beat, the Batcave and Batcomputer will always be tools the players return to, either to switch which hero they take control of or customize their loadout. Mod Chips are adjustable after players go to the « Mods » section through the overarching « Gear » tab. The three gear options have slots in which Mod Chips may be inserted, while the menu to the right informs players which stats will be buffed by the addition.

A more experimental mechanic in Gotham Knights, Mod Chips have the ability to fuse together into a singular, more powerful device. Not limited to just two Mod Chips, players can test any combination they desire, discovering fusions that may open up more slots in a suit or weapon for more Mods. Whether boosting Nightwing’s Elemental Abilities in Gotham Knights or taking Batgirl’s Armor to insane defensive heights, the Mod Chips allow players to freely explore the RPG systems in place, limited only by their creativity.