Gotham Knights Multiplayer Guide: How to Play with Friends

When players first hop into Gotham Knights, they will often need a guide to direct them toward playing multiplayer with friends. Although the game is based around co-op multiplayer, the method to unlock multiplayer is not as straightforward as it seems. Players must first accomplish tasks on their own to receive the ability to play multiplayer with friends. Although players can tackle the entire game solo, joining a multiplayer game is helpful, especially when combating formidable enemies in story mode.

Beginner players in Gotham Knights must complete hours of gameplay before unlocking multiplayer co-op. The game begins with players introduced to a world where Batman is missed in Gotham Knights after his death. Players quickly gain the ability to choose between playable characters in story mode. Whether players choose Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, or Robin, they will be able to unlock multiplayer at roughly the same pace. Once players pick a character, they must play through the tutorial levels to unlock the ability to play multiplayer co-op on the menu screen.

The multiplayer menu selection is visible throughout the game but is not usable until players complete the tutorial. Once this is achieved, players can pause the game, scroll down to the “multiplayer” menu option, and choose to host a heroic assault or join a quick match. These options place players into games with strangers, which can be helpful when facing every villain in Gotham Knights, but these options are not always ideal. If players want to directly choose friends to play with, they must use the “social” menu option to invite friends now from their personal friends list.

Players can complete the entirety of Gotham Knights without playing with strangers or friends in co-op. If playing with others is not appealing, players can try out the different characters that best suit their playstyle. Alternatively, when players work as a co-op team, they can specialize their character to provide a substantial boost to the team dynamics. For example, Batgirl plays like the classic Batman character from the Arkham series of games, Red Hood is a long-range shooter, Nightwing fills the support character role, and Robin is a stealthy acrobat with a collapsible staff.

Whichever character players choose, they will be able to defeat enemies with such ferocity it may seem they are breaking Batman’s one rule in Gotham Knights. Playing multiplayer with a full crew of friends increases the devastation of team combat, allowing players to dispatch groups of enemies with ease. Once players are well into the story mode of Gotham Knights, being able to play multiplayer co-op with friends makes the game move swiftly and allows for a full-fledged Gotham City hero experience.