Gotham Knights: What Alfred’s « Energy Signatures » Are

In the course of playing Gotham Knights, Alfred will occasionally let the player know that he’s detected a « strange energy signature » in the nearby vicinity, which leads to a unique cosmetic upgrade. Gotham Knights contains many DC costumes for each of the game’s four playable protagonists. Part of the fun in many comic book games is the nods and Easter eggs to the source material, mainly through the use of additional costumes. Batman’s young wards are, of course, no exception, with Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood all getting their own unique suits for players to wear and customize.

There are many ways to unlock cosmetics in Gotham Knights: finish a story or side mission, complete open-world side activities, and even through random drops. Alfred’s « Energy Signatures » are a little tricky because they’re actually a secret side quest. Once the Powers Club mission is completed, the player obtains an item that allows them to access Court of Owls hideouts. After the item is obtained, Alfred will occasionally contact the player from Gotham Knights’ Batcave replacement, the Belfry, when they are near these aforementioned energy signatures. When he does, players should stop and examine the area for a Talon Cache: a relief sculpture, glowing green, on the side of a building. Examining five of these unlocks the Talon suit Transmog for Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood.

Wearing these Gotham Knights Transmogs allows the player to engage in a little of their own speculative fan fiction. These owl-themed suit designs are inspired by the Court of Owls’ undead henchpeople, the Talons, and a specific Court of Owl assassin, William Cobb. Cobb once tried to recruit Dick Grayson to join the Court of Owls and was nearly successful. Although Cobb isn’t present in this game, fans will appreciate this aesthetic homage to the character whose ethos is vengeance before justice. This is appropriate considering the potential for the Gotham Knights to break Batman’s one rule in-game – either on purpose or accidentally.

While most of the suits in Gotham Knights can be obtained over the course of just playing through the story, the Talon suits are a fun secret that players might miss out on if they don’t pay close enough attention to their surroundings. It may take a decent amount of time to play through this new Gotham adventure, so grabbing what cosmetics the player can find can make for a neat visual change of pace.